Mid-season Awards and the Super Shocking Super Bowl Pick

By RivalrySports
Nov. 01, 2016

After a two tie week and half of a crazy NFL season, I have decided to expect the unexpected. That being said I have seen the fall of superman and the Brock Crock turn while Pennsylvania becoming Wentzalvania and Romo's back being Dak's chance. So many twists and turns it's hard to keep up but nonetheless let me start hopping on some bandwagons.

My MVP of Half of 2016: Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders. I legitimately believe the MVP isn't based just on stats but how much he affects his team. Derek Carr has done both with 17 touchdowns, a measly 3 interceptions and over 2,300 yards passing and creating huge hype videos that even his rivals love. This kid just wants to win.

My Comeback Player of the First Half: Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts. With some bias and a lot of his hard work, it is easy to see how he has won the award in my book. Yes his team is abysmal and his coach needs to be fired last year, he is still phenomenal. 

My Rookie of the Year: Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys. Man can this boy run or what? Although the Dak attack is dangerous, Zeke is the biggest danger on the Cowboys. He absolutely has no chance of being benched unless turning a 180 or gets injured. Either way would be highly unfortunate for this highly dangerous team. 

My Defensive Rookie of the Year: Joey Bosa, San Diego Chargers. This kid had a slight injury on top of a contract hold out, but as soon as he actually stepped inside the gridiron, the game changed. He immediately lifted a choking chargers to a respectable level and has helped make the AFC West so much more interesting.

My Coach of the Year: Chuck Pagano. I am truly deep down kidding. Bob Quinn, Atlanta Falcons. Maybe I hopped on the wagon too fast last year and possibly again this year but I don't see these red hot Falcons slowing down anytime soon. He coached the Falcons to a great 5-3 start and with their division as terrible as it looks, a possible playoff run. Deep down I truly believe they have a slight chance to win the Lombardi this season.

The Super Shocking Super Bowl Pick: Dallas Cowboys 24 over the New England Patriots 18. Most may say how's that shocking at all. Well It's sort of based on a "theory" that dated back to 2001 and has effected sports. My good friend Peter introduced me to the theory and due to that I have Dak attack winning the Super Bowl.