The Colts New McAfee Strut

By RivalrySports
Nov. 25, 2016

The Indianapolis Colts went home on Thanksgiving and if you did not watch the game you would think they laid down to hand the Pittsburgh Steelers their 6th win. The Pittsburgh Steelers ran up the score 21-7 at half and ended it 28-7, however there is a lot of good news to take in from the Colts.

Our Tight Ends are extremely undervalued studs! Jack Doyle performed at the right time with 2 catches last night including a 18 yard drive saving catch. He, on the year, is averaging over 10 yards per catch. He continually makes the needed catches. Dwayne Allen average nearly 10 yards a catch just last night, and has kept up with over 10 yards per catch. 

Our Wide Receivers can be stars with just a little more comfort within each other. T.Y has been averaging over 15 yards per catch this season and had over 18 yards per catch last night as well. He has emerged as the number 1 wide receiver on the Colts. Phillip Dorsett just needs more time to emerge as a number 2 wide receiver. If he held onto one more pass last night, he not only helps our team score closer towards Pittsburgh with a TD, but he becomes a major threat towards everyone. Donte Moncrief doesn't need much. Just more catches. Like Dorsett he catches just one more pass and the colts become that much closer to a victory. The difference though is Moncrief did score the only Colts points. Luck needs to keep him in mind more often. 

Our future looks good with Robert Turbin. Feed this man. Gore is great but he needs to take a step back, with due respect of course. One of the highly undervalued running back duos, Bell and Blount, are very similar to what we have now. Turbin keeps up his skills and is fed the ball more, use Gore on third n shorts or even goal line drives and these two should stay healthy enough to keep running to the top. 

McAfee is special. One of the best kickers of all time and has nothing but fun. In fact the strut gave the team the boost it needed to even score and keep trying. Luck is very special. I have absolutely no doubt we score on both goal line drives. This team is highly built offensively, we fix the right side of the line from injuries and Lucks health stays intact.