I have some Issues with ESPN's Joe Lunardi.

By cimardura
Feb. 21, 2017

Hello Everybody. The Latest BRACKETOLOGY report Came out on Monday. And I am going to tell you right now, JOE LUNARDI NEEDS HIS BRAIN EXAMINED. I have 5 teams that I take issue with as far as the latest Bracket Predictions from Mr. LUNARDI so I am going to get started and there are different reasons. So I am going to give you my take on the 5 teams that got my attention.

 The Michigan Wolverines as an Number 9 seed { 10 seed last week}: I know that the Wolverines won 3 in a row. But the Loss to Minnesota 83-78 in overtime could have hurt them. But No, Mr. Joe LUNARDI decided to bump them up to An 9 seed when they had trouble against the Gophers on Sunday Night. Michigan's Strength of Schedule is 38, Opponent Strength of Schedule is 52. They have 2 bad losses against the RPI 100 {Ohio State, Illinois}  They are 17-10 and 7-7 in the Big 10. So with that in mind I will not support LUNARDI on Michigan being a 9 seed. Michigan has 4 games left in their season, 2 of those games are a battle {Northwestern, Purdue} and the other 2 are against Rutgers and Nebraska. So in my opinion Michigan does not deserve to be a Number 9 seed just yet. They still have to prove themselves and I haven't seen that yet. If they can Beat Purdue than I will say yes the deserve a higher seed. But for now I will keep Michigan at a 10 seed.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers { 7 seed last week}: The Golden Gophers have won 5 in a row. They Beat Michigan 83-78 in overtime on Sunday Night. Their RPI Is 22, Strength of Schedule is 16, Opponent Strength of Schedule is 49. I will grant you they have 2 losses in the RPI 100 { Penn State, Ohio State}. But they have a 20-7 record and they are 8-6 in the Big 10. They have won 5 in a row and they get Dropped to an 8 seed. NO WAY LUNARDI. They are Better than Michigan by a long shot and the Gophers have proven themselves in a BIG way. So with this being said, I Think that Minnesota should have stayed at a 7 seed. And if they win their next 3 of 4 games I would even consider moving Minnesota up to a 6 seed. So LUNARDI YOU DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS ONE.

The Michigan State Spartans as a 10 seed {10 seed last week}. I have some MAJOR LEAGUE ISSUES WITH THIS ONE, Here's why. No.1 they are only 16-11 overall. The Only good thing for them is they are 8-6 in the Big 10. Their RPI is 41, Strength of Schedule is 15, Opponent Strength of Schedule is 15. But here's why I have a MAJOR ISSUE WITH THIS ONE, they have 4 bad losses to 4 teams in the RPI 100 { Penn State, Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan} And on top of that they have One Really Bad loss against a team in the RPI 150 { Northeastern}. And on top of that they got their doors blown off by Purdue 80-63 on Saturday. So with that in mind I cannot and will not support LUNARDI ON THIS ONE AND YOU HAVE SEEN WHY. 

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as a 11 seed: Can Somebody tell why Georgia Tech is even in the Discussion for the NCAA Tournament. They have a 15-11 record and they are only 7-7 in the ACC. They have 3 bad losses against the RPI 100 { Penn State, Georgia, Clemson}. And on top of that they have one very bad loss against the RPI 150{ The Ohio Bobcats of all teams}. Their Strength of Schedule is 52, Opponent Strength Of Schedule is 36. They have 4 games left { NC State, @ Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse}. So with this in mind Georgia Tech has No Business being in the Discussion for the NCAA tournament because of their record and they have struggled all season long. 

The Syracuse Orange as a 12 seed: Why is Syracuse even in the Discussion for the NCAA tournament, They Don't belong their. Here's Why, They are 16-12 overall and 8-7 in the ACC that's the only thing going for them. But they have played 12-of-13 non-conference games in New York they have 3 really bad Loses against the RPI 150. They Got Humiliated against St. Johns, losing by 33. Boston College Beat them By 15. UConn also has beaten them. All 3 of these teams are all in the RPI 150. They have 3 games left { Duke, Louisville, Georgia Tech}, I can mark 2 of those games down in the Loss Column so in My opinion Joe LUNARDI DROPPED THE Ball BIGTIME ON THIS ONE.

Joe LUNARDI Needs to go back to BRACETOLOGY School or he needs his head examined. Here's my take, LUNARDI was playing Favorites with the ACC. And he gave the Minnesota Golden Gophers the Shaft by dropping them form a 7 seed to an 8 seed. He also Moved Michigan up form a 10 seed to a 9 seed. He also decided to keep Michigan State as a 10 seed After their Loss on Saturday to Purdue. Michigan should have stayed at a 10 seed or even dropped to a 11 seed after their loss to Minnesota On Sunday. Minnesota Should have stayed at a 7 seed after winning 5 in  row and after they had a Hard Fought Overtime Victory over Michigan 83-78. And As far as Georgia Tech and Syracuse Goes, HEY LUNARDI YOU OWE ME AN EXPLANATION FOR WHY YOU HAVE THOSE 2 TEAMS IN THE DISCUSSION FOR THE TOURNAMENT. Syracuse they are struggling this season they are only 16-12 and they have 3 bad losses against the RPI 150 and they got their doors blow off by St. Johns and they Lost To Boston College, Both teams are in the RPI 150 o in my opinion they have No Business even being in the Discussion for the NCAA Tournament. And as Far as Georgia Tech goes, LUNARDI NEEDS BRAIN SURGERY, Georgia Tech has 3 bad losses RPI 100. They also have 1 very bad loss against the RPI 150 in the Ohio Bobcats, OF ALL TEAMS OHIO UNIVERSITY, That's ridiculous and they have No Clam for a Spot for the NCAA TOURNAMENT. So in closing I will say this. I could have done a much better job than Joe LUNARDI this time around because he dropped the ball in a very big way this time around. And I think My Dad could have done a better job than this BOZO. Because LUNARDI Messed up this time with a few teams This time Around.