By Shawn Harris
Feb. 23, 2017

?With the win at Super Bowl LI sports fans would without a doubt say that Brady is the Greatest Football Player in NFL history maybe even better than the great Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, and

New England QB Tom Brady
Jerry Rice, can that really be said to be true?. The numbers don't lie: 5-2 in Super Bowl wins (0-2 against the New York Giants- Pats went undefeated in '13), 7 Super Bowl appearances, 5 rings (tied with Charles Haley for most), 25-9 Playoff record, 4x Super Bowl MVP,  2x NFL MVP, 14 Divisional titles, 11 Conference Championships, and 12 Pro Bowls in his 17 year career. Brady at age 39 owns some if not all QB's records in Super Bowls, Brady has put up historical stats in his regular season and playoff career maybe if not better than any other QB in the league turning no-name players into household names in the process. With Super Bowl victories against teams like Philadelpia, St. Louis, Seattle, Carolina, and this comeback vs Atlanta, Brady has put himself in the eyes of fans as the greatest to ever do it. Now there are some fans say that Brady is the Luckest to do it, fans says that teams he has played against had "blew it!", "self destruct!", "choked!", or "refs made a bad call!". Brady has started games badly against good teams and with help from certain situations with teams they play against unfolding, Brady comes out looking good. Missed blown call by Seattle coach Carroll at the 1(leading to a game winning INT), Cam and Panthers self destruction down the stretch (after jumping out to a big lead), and Atlanta blowing a 25 point lead at the end (after jumping out 28-3 3rd qtr). Some fans call them cheaters" with the infamous calls, "The Tuck Rule" in the AFC Championship game (robbing the Raiders to reached the Super Bowl), "Spygate" ( Patriots allegedly filmed signals to beat the New York Jets - regular season and St. Louis Rams - Super Bowl), and the "Deflategate" scandal going into their last Super Bowl run vs Carolina in 2015 (Brady was suspended 4 game to start 2016 season); Having fans say "this is how they win!", But nevertheless, "THEY WIN" and others lose. Brady, when he's done with the game will get another ring, THAT'S RIGHT,.... in CANTON ( a 1st ballot for sure). Hey fans out there, Brady 's not done, he still feels he can play 3 more years and with that being said the Patriots might just win 1 maybe 2 to more. So let the debate begin, can Brady surly be called: the "Greatest O.A.T because of his body of work and stats?....or the.... "Luckest O.A.T." because of the failure of his opponents mistakes?.

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