Never Change, Marshawn

By Spencer Krimsky
Sep. 22, 2017

There is absolutely no denying that Marshawn Lynch is a unique person. From the short-lived, yet always entertaining, media appearances to the smashmouth running style, there are very few dull moments when watching Lynch.

What is even better about his entire “aura,” is that the NFL can do nothing about it. In recent years, the league has been cracking down on behavior that they deem as “inappropriate,” or “not representative” of the NFL, but no action taken against Lynch has any effect on him or the way he acts. In just the past 3 weeks, Lynch has given the middle finger to the cameras, interrupted his coach’s press conference, and walked onto the field late because he was too busy finishing some chicken wings in the tunnel. The league gave Lynch one $12,000 fine this season, but he has shown no signs of slowing his unpredictable behavior.

In my opinion, Marshawn Lynch is the best thing that can happen to the NFL. Yes, sometimes he throws around the occasional middle finger or curse word, but he is making the league more fun. Just this past week, Lynch was able to energize the entire stadium in Oakland when he wasn’t even on the field. While the game was going on, Lynch was going crazy and dancing on the sidelines, filling both his teammates and the fans with energy en route to a 45-20 blowout over the New York Jets.

His spontaneous behavior isn’t the only thing that has been consistent throughout his career, as the man they call beast mode hasn’t slowed down on the field either. Over two games this season, Lynch has run for 121 yards and one touchdown, while playing the same type of run-you-over football that has made him a force in the NFL for so many years. So with that I ask you, Marshawn, to never change please.