IG Model calls out NFL TE Dion Sims

By Antwon Smith
Apr. 03, 2017

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I see that it will take a miracle for athletes to wake up and stop trying to have flings with women who are out for money, attention and a quick track to fame. Well Chicago Bears TE Dion Sims is next on the list to learn the hard way because Vegan nurse Mimi blasted the NFL TE with news on Instagram. Sad part is she is claiming that Sims is ignoring her and hasn't returned any of her phone calls. Let's just hope that they work things out and get to the bottom of this before it turns into another case of well you know (Reggie Bush).

Here is her rant from her IG account:

_mimibad: “how could i tell everybody but you, congrats DION SIMS your having another little girl. @mia80h not going to air out our personal business but I just thought you should know. Hopefully within time you take care of your responsibilities, since you want to ignore what’s going on. And as for anybody who wants to comment ignorant shit you know nothing about this situation so keep your negative comments to yourself. Congrats again baby daddy & thank you for this blessing.”

One thing that we have learned is that money doesn't always make your problems go away, but it can turn your life into a tailspin, so my advice strap up and be safe because a golddigger has no particular face, shape or form.

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She is a registered Nurse

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