Why the Steelers Need to Beat the Bills this Sunday

By Matt Kleinfelter
Dec. 09, 2016

Every year, the Steelers find ways to lose to lesser opponents on their schedule.  This year, this has not been the case considering 3 of their 5 losses have come to playoff teams.  At the time, the Miami loss looked very bad, but the Dolphins are 7-5 and squarely in the playoff picture.   The Steelers sit at 7-5 and only a game behind the Broncos for the last wild card spot and are tied with the Ravens for their division although they hold the head to head tie breaker.  So, with a remaining schedule of Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Cleveland, why do the Steelers need to beat the Bills?  With a win against the Bills (6-6), the Steelers should be in sole possession of first place in their division assuming Baltimore loses in New England.  Also, the win keeps them right in the wild card hunt and may put them in as the 6th seed momentarily if Denver loses to Tennessee (would have same record but Steelers would hold tie breaker) and Miami loses to Arizona which would give the Steelers a one game lead on them.  Although the game is not a must-win, I believe the Steelers need to win against the Bills to stay right in the playoff picture.  The Steelers seem to have an easier road to the playoffs through their own division but the Ravens are playing hot and there is no guarantee they beat them on Christmas.  With a win this weekend, the Steelers will be in very good shape to make the playoffs.