Aaron Rodgers is So Money

By John Bernardo
Jan. 09, 2017

Aaron Rodgers is better at football than anything I'll ever be awesome at in my life. Aaron Rodgers can play football better than I can eat pizza.

Odell Beckham Jr.
Hillary Clinton.

Neither showed up in Wisconsin

— Sam Crowley (@SamCrowley)

No but seriously did you watch Rodgers eviscerate the excellent defense of the New York Giants? Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a 38-13 victory on Sunday night. His performance was magnificent. His talent on full display. His improvisation, scrambling, accuracy, going 25-40, for 362 yards and 4 touchdowns. 

QB Aaron Rodgers now 22-37 for 330 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs and a 124.8 rating.

He's thrown 22 TDs, 0 INTs in past 8 games.

— Ryan Wood (@ByRyanWood)

Rodgers had help from his teammates too. His line was fantastic, giving Rodgers both time to throw, and windows to deliver passes. When the protection broke down Rodgers moved out of the pocket finding new lanes for throwing, and new angles to open up receivers downfield.  By the way Aaron Rodgers has thrown 3 excellent hail mary's to Richard Rodgers, Jeff Janis, and Randall Cobb. Is there anyone in the league who throws a better deep-jump ball? Listen to the video, Joel Buck agrees with me. 

Yup. just threw ANOTHER Hail Mary.


— NFL (@NFL)

For three quarters I felt like this was a game to redeem the other boring games of football this weekend. And then Rodgers started balling. What will go underappreciated is Rodgers' will power. In -1 degree weather Rodgers was sacked 5 times, forced out of bounds, and chased all over the field. Rodgers is a guy known for his laid back attitude, insane talent, and pinpoint accuracy. Yes those traits were evident. But what needs more credit is his toughness. He could've slumped, gotten scared, become more hesitant, or simply played worse due to the Giant pressure. Yet he persevered. Most people are going to remember Rodgers for playing well, I see you Aaron. You did more than just throw touchdowns this game. Respect. 

Richard Rodgers said the Hail Mary to Randall Cobb was the same play -- "rebound pass" -- that he caught to beat...

— Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky)

What does this game mean for Green Bay? It gives them confidence to roll into Dallas. The Giants' defense is far better than the Cowboys. The Packers put up big numbers on these Giants in cold weather, who knows what they could do to Dallas. Dallas knows this and will try to ground and pound and keep the ball away from the most talented QB in the league. (Yes I said most talented. Is Tom Brady better? I think so. I think I'd rather have Brady marching down the field with 2 minutes to go but I'll be damned I've never seen a guy throw off his back foot, throw on the run, and scramble Rodgers). I think Green Bay can beat Dallas in Dallas. I think Dallas has gotten by on a stellar run game and solid play by Dak Prescott. But when the chips are down, and the Packers are stacking the box can Dak make them pay? Because if he can't you know Rodgers is going to make the Dallas defense pay.

Through 5,164 pass attempts

40,643 YDS / 328 TD / 80 INT / 103.8 QBR
37,171 YDS / 271 TD / 118 INT / 92.8 QBR

Not even close

— Ian Rapoport (@SportTaIkJoe)

This Packers team behind Aaron Rodgers has won 7 games in a row, including this most recent win against a Giants team nobody wanted to play. His line is giving him time, his receivers are making plays, and his running game is decent. His line is underrated; coupled with Rodgers rarely turning the ball over, this offense is tough to stop. Rodgers is finding guys like Jared Cook, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and others. This is no longer Jordy Nelson show. 

Aaron Rodgers can win you a game. He did it tonight. You remember all that talk about how the Packers don't sign any free agents? How the only big name they've ever signed is Julius Peppers? How they need to develop their team more around just their draft picks? How Aaron Rodgers looks aloof, disengaged, nonchalant and didn't care about winning football games? Remember when the Packers were on a 4 game losing streak and people were calling for Mike McCarthy to get fired? For Rodgers to "wake up"? Saying shit like Detroit and the Vikings were going to win the division? Well well well, what now? For all the parity we all talk about in football look who the players are. The Packers, The Patriots, The Steelers, The Chiefs, The Seahawks, The Falcons, and some other teams who frankly didn't deserve to make it. The Giants got smoked, the Dolphins got wrecked, The Lions got tamed, and The Raiders got plundered. I'm sorry Raider fans. If Carr was there he would've corralled the Texans but such is life in the NFL. We all know who the real players are. (And if you're wondering why I left out the Cowboys it's because they were in the playoffs the year before last. Romo went down for the season and they started games with Brandon Weeden among others. The Cowboys were a talented roster). I can't wait til next week. 

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