Klay Thompson's Dad Says He Wants to Play His Entire Career in Golden State, But Won't Sign Until 2019

By Sports Gossip Staff
Jun. 05, 2018

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Klay Thompson's dad told Damon Bruce of 95.7 The Game, that his son wants to spend his entire career in Golden State, but he won't be talking about a new contract until 2019.

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"Klay definitely wants to play his whole career in Golden State and the Bay Area - there's no question about that," Mychal explained. "He loves it up there ... loves the fans."

"But let's just say that negotiations will probably continue in the summer of '19."

According to , he has 86 million reasons to wait until 2019:

"If Klay were to sign an extension this offseason, his max deal would be worth around $120 million over five years, while if he waits until 2019 his max offer raises to be a $188 million deal."

You can't hate on Klay for wanting to wait, on the other hand, his play could fall off or he could suffer a major injury and not be able to demand a max deal.  It sounds like a risk Thompson is willing to take.