5 reasons why the Warriors lost Game 4!

By tomybente
Jun. 10, 2017

Yesterday at 9 pm ET everything was set for a Finals ending game:3-0 score, leading team in a better shape and the trailing team without motivation.The Warriors and Cavs yesterday not only played a game, but they fought a battle of their ongoing war.Surprisingly, after great performances by Cavs players the series will go back to Oakland for yet another elimination game, and the score is that legendary 3-1 again.But why did the juggernaut Warriors lose this game by more than 20 points after beating the Cavs by commanding lead in the first two games, and taking advantage of late game mistakes in the 3rd game?!

#1:Referee's bad calls?!

The number one reason that was brought up by the fans even during the game was that the refs played a too big role in this game.People said that the Cavs shouldn't have been allowed to get 22 free throw attempts right in the 1st quarter.Also, what's more interesting that they had calls that disadvantaged the home team, too.Yes, we can say that Iman Shumpert had flopped and that there were a couple of backcourt violations, but let's not forget that Pachulia kicked Shumpert in the groin and Draymond Green was allowed to stay in the game after two technical fouls, from which the first, in a inexplicable manner, was given to Steve Kerr.So maybe the referees were making bad calls on this highly emotional game, but I don't thin that was the main reason why the Cavs took this game.

#2:Cavs shooting off the charts

Scoring 49 points in a quarter, hitting 24 three pointers throughout the game and finishing the first half with 86 points are the Finals records that the Cavs have broken tonight.But how could a team which was that much dominated in the first three games rise that high in just two days?!Well, most of the Cavs players finally discovered that they are in the Finals right now including Tristan Thompson (who had 10 rebounds which should not be a great thing from a center, but this series has been terrible for him until now), JR Smith (who showed that he is capable of hitting three pointers if he is in shape) and Kevin Love (who does not struggled that much as the other two, but still couldn't find himself in the first 3 games).Shooting 53.3% from 3 point range might be one of the reasons the Cavs won.

#3:Warriors forgot how to play effective defense

Another reason for the loss could be that the Warriors just couldn't find their defensive rhythm.Especially Kevin Durant seemed to be turned off on defense, something that can't happen if you have to guard none other than Lebron James.Good thing about KD is that he had took his part out of the offense, scoring 35 points, which can't be said about Curry and Thompson, who combined for a total of just 27 points while not excelling on the defensive end either.

#4:Good Cavs defense

One thing that has been missing from the Cavs this year that has been present in last year's epic comeback, is that they could not defend the KD sursed Warriors.If they defended just two of the Curry, Thompson, Durant trio then the other one could easily hit free shots, bothered by nobody.If they tried to play close D on all three of them, the paint has remained fragile and got points by the role players such as Green, Livingston and even Javale McGee.This game however was different:the Cavs figured out a hard defense which has made the Warriors struggle in shooting, hitting just 28.2% of their 3 point shots.Question is why did they have to wait until this game for doing this?

#5:Physical plays

Despite of the fact that these two teams had a good rivalry last years, and sometimes their games went on to being physical, the first 3 games were like a friendly vacation for these two teams.Things got however heated in this game, with 7 technical fouls(!) given for both teams.Starting from Green's usual things, Zaza's dirty play, and the Lebron-KD faceoff this game has showed us that there is more than a game, it's a war between these two.Why do I consider that this is a reason of why the Warriors have lost?To answer this question we must recall last years Finals.When things got out of the Warriors hands (game 5 mainly) the 2 teams started to play much more physical and this seemed like it affected more the GSW than it affected Cleveland.I don't know why this affects the Warriors, but they do seem like they are more nervous and thus they can't hit their usual shots.

Luckily this rivalry will last at least one more game for sure.Will the Cavs keep alive the miracle or will they get eliminated by a strong Warriors on their home court?We'll find out on Monday, again at 9 pm ET on ABC.