Cleveland Indians World Series MVP Canidates

By sportsheaven19
Oct. 30, 2016

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

There is something magical happening in Cleveland.

First, in June, the Cavaliers won their first NBA championship and now the Indians have a three games to one lead over the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Before June, Cleveland has not won a major sports title since 1948, and now they are on the cusp of winning two in one year.

The Indians are ahead in the World Series mainly due to their dominant pitching. Outside of Game 2, when the Cubs won 5-1, the Cubs have scored a total of two runs in the series. Both the starting pitchers and the relievers have been key to their success. There have been so many different players that contributed to their success, but who should be the World Series MVP?

has made two starts so far, pitching a combined 12 innings and allowed one earned run. Cubs hitters have looked foolish at the plate facing Kluber. It shows with his .833 WHIP and 15 strikeouts. He has two of Cleveland’s starts in the World Series, both wins, and has easily been their ace in the rotation.

, the ALCS MVP, also has a great case for MVP. He has pitched in Games 1, 3, and 4 (all Indians victories) for a combined 5 ? innings (second most innings only behind Kluber). He has also only allowed one earned run, which was a solo home run when the Indians had a six-run lead. He has struck out seven batters with a .938 WHIP. As the most dominant relief pitcher, Miller should be considered for MVP.

Lastly, shortstop has been the best, most consistent batter for the Indians so far. He is hitting .467 with a RBI. The Indians offense has been so spread out and a different player coming up big in each game. However, Lindor has been the most consistent hitter in the Indians lineup. It is hard to see Lindor getting the MVP over Miller or Kluber, but if he has a big Game 5 there is a serious possibility.

The Indians have out-pitched the best pitching staff in baseball in the World Series. The staff is lead by ace Kluber who earned two wins in the series. However, Miller has pitched in extremely high-level situations to keep the lead for Cleveland and has only allowed one meaningless run. Without him, the Cubs could have easily snuck out at least one or two more wins in the series. That makes him the World Series MVP.