Jose Fernandez saved his mother's life when they fled Castro the man on Kaepernicks shirt

By RandyInman
Sep. 28, 2016

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Much missed Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez saved his mother from drowning when they defected from Cuba. At 15 he defected to the United States with his mother who fell off the boat at night. Jose jumped into the ocean and saved his mother from drowning. More people than we will ever know did die either in Cuba at Catstro's hands to trying to escape them.

Jose Fernandez and his mother were trying to escape a socialist dictator. That man Fidel Castro just happens to be the man who was on the shirt Colin Kaepernick had on his shirt at a press conference explaining why he disrespects the national anthem.

I have no problem with Colin Kaepernick protesting whatever. My problem is Kaepernick saying he is for human rights and glorifying Fidel Castro. If Kaepernick wants to promote a socialist agenda like he does on social media, then fine that is within his rights. I just wish he was more honest about why he is protesting. His socks making fun of the police were a bit much to take as well. 

I heard that Kaepernick recently tried to distance himself from the oppression by Castro Now that Fidel Castro has died, I hope Kaepernick does not go into a depression.

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