The Panthers set Cam Newton up for failure

By RandyInman
Nov. 24, 2016

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Gettleman and the Carolina Panthers set Cam Newton up for failure and thus the rest of the team. Yes I am a Cam Newton fan but read on and you shall see I am not a Newton apologist at all. I just see what is wrong with the team and wonder why they didn't see this coming.

Cam Newton is a great quarterback with skills but also flaws. Newton can throw a ball 60 yards on a frozen rope and hit a wide receiver in stride. Cam Newton can also bounce a screen pass into the ground or throw a ball 5 yards over a receivers head.

The Panthers addressed the receivers needed for Cam Newton and now he has a respectable stable of players to throw to. The problem is that Dave Gettleman and the Panthers largely ignored the offensive line despite Gettleman's love of Hog Mollies.

The team relied on Cam Newton's mobility and paid less attention to the offensive line than they should have. Newton isn't mobile like an Aaron Rodgers though who is slick and evades pressure. Newton is fast enough but he is too big to be quick and elusive and is often a standing target on drop backs.

Newton has regressed this season and seems to be struggling to read the defenses and do his check downs. Last year he looked better when he couldn't rely on Kelvin Benjamin and had to go through his professions and find the open man. 

Newton holds the ball too long and wants to look for the big play. That is simply who he is and is unlikely to change that or his often poor passing mechanics. For a quarterback like that you need the best offensive line possible. The fact that there were free agent offensive linemen who could have at least helped the depth on the Panthers and were not signed was a travesty. 

The offensive line of the Carolina Panthers is very good in the middle with a healthy Kalil and the guards. The offensive tackles even when Oher was healthy are sub par. I feel like the Panthers set Cam Newton up to fail so they could be cheap and not spend on improving the offensive line.