Breaking News: Grayson Allen intentionally trips Elon player. Won't be punished by Coach K. Is he still a good kid??

By aaronmccune
Dec. 22, 2016

In a week where MTV gave us 2017 New Year's Resolutions for White Males, I find it hard to act like Grayson Allen purposely tripping a kid again is the worst thing that ever happened. White guys have taken it on the chin this week so lets leave the kid alone for a moment and focus on the adult, Coach K. Imagine what he would think if a guy on another team was a serial tripper and  his latest victim was a Dukie? Would Kryzewski be so forgiving? Would there be all this talk about how good of a kid the player was?? I know a few good kids and if Grayson Allen is a good kid then I guess I know a lot more good kids than I thought. So what exactly makes a good kid? Is it actually doing things the right way and not throwing temper tantrums when you get caught doing things the wrong way, or is it having a legion of coaches and ex-Dukie talking heads claim that you are a good kid and it was just a mistake, again? For Grayson Allen it seems that the latter is true. 

Since the first incident a year ago we have been bombarded with Grayson is a good kid who made a stupid mistake stuff. People want to act like tripping an opponent to the ground is common place in college basketball. That it is merely a bi-product of a physical, fast paced game. Fine, but the last three tripping incidents I've seen have all been committed by Grayson Allen. It's like Draymond Green's penchant for kicking opponents. He's the only one who ever does it. So it's hard to say that Grayson Allen qualifies as a good kid but is that a bad thing?? There is no expectation or mandate that college athletes have to be good kids. Only that they be good players and decent students. So lets stop forcing this good kid role onto Grayson Allen. He obviously doesn't want it. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

                                        By the way, #5 Duke beat Elon 72-61. Grayson Allen shot 1-8 and scored 3 points.

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