Breaking News: Joe McKnight's killer released from police custody with no charges hours after shooting the ex-NFL player during road rage incident.

By aaronmccune
Dec. 02, 2016

By now you know that Ron Gasser, the man who shot former NFL running back Joe McKnight down on the streets of suburban New Orleans yesterday has been released with no charges. The Jefferson Parrish Police Department told reporters that they had no reason to keep him. This basically means that Joe McKnight either had a gun or witnesses told police that he was the aggressor. Judging from this and other things I've heard about Joe McKnight and the situation one of two things played out on the streets of New Orleans yesterday afternoon. You know how us brothers can be sometimes. We are emotional, we are raised by these women in these war zones and we jump out there all the way when other options are available. In general we have poor reasoning, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. This ain't cooning. This is a fact. Everyone knows this. 

Some people including many blacks are terrified of this gangsta/hood black male image and if they are carrying then they may become the aggressor. Just look at the murder rates in these Democratically run inner cities. Even brothers that aren't into the street life that have concealed carry permits find themselves having to fire on a dude every now ad then over some foolishness. When a white guy kills a black man the issue of race enters the picture but I ask one question based on the facts of the incident that we do know. Which black man that you know wouldn't shoot, beat or feel extremely threatened by a man who exited his car in the middle of the street ad engaged them i an argument? Not to absolve Ronald Gasser of any wrong doing like the Jefferson Parrish Police Department has done but if he was scared he had good reason because the DOJ released a stat that blew my mind. Black men ages 18-44 make up 4% of the United States population and commit 52% of ALL murders. But there is always the chance that Ronald Gasser woke up that morning and thought to himself, "Today feels like a good day to kill a black man." For what it's worth Joe McKnight was a great guy by all accounts. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

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