Breaking News: Kyrie-Kehlani saga takes another twist. Lebron weighs in. So does Chris Brown.

By aaronmccune
Mar. 30, 2016

If you don't know what has been taking place between Kyrie Irving and his sorta, kinda, maybe girlfriend Kehlani then you must've been living under a rock. Now full disclosure, I had no idea who Kehlani was before this situation erupted on Twitter. 

I'll catch you up really quickly. Kyrie Irving was dating a 22 year old singer named Kehlani. Before she was with Kyrie, Kehlani was dating another guy I didn't know, Partynextdoor. Yes, that's his name. Partynextdoor. So apparently homeboy swooped in after Kyrie and Kehlani had a big fight and played that shoulder to lean on role. He snapped a pic of her distinctive hand tattoos and posted it to . In the pic it appears that she is in his bed, under the covers and may even be asleep. The pic sent Kyrie into a tailspin. He demanded answers. The next day Kehlani posted a pic of her arm with a needle in it. Attached was a cryptic message. The next day she was posting pics from a hospital bed claiming that God and her new boyfriend, Partynextdoor saved her from suicide. Whew. I have to remember that these are young people. 

Kehlani grew up without either of her parents. She bounced around to family members. She grew up in what amounts to abject poverty before breaking onto the scene a few years ago. She describes herself as Black, White, Native American and Hispanic. Uh okay. I listened to some of her stuff and she's not really good. She's not Lisa Lisa or Shakira. She ain't J-Lo or Gloria Estefan. Put it like this, she's may be from Oakland but she's not the next Keisha Cole. She's horrible. But she did something right and landed a ball player and a rapper. Now she has the guys behaving like catty school girls while she lays in a hospital bed soaking up all this attention. 

Now we hear that the King, Lebron James himself has weighed in on this shenanigans. A word Partynextdoor used to describe his now girlfriend, Kehlani. According to the website, insiders say the King has vowed his support to Kyrie during this ordeal.

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