Breaking News: Mistress of former NFL star kidnaps wife before shooting her dead in middle of the Highway.

By aaronmccune
Jul. 18, 2015

The woman pictured in the inset mugshot in the middle photo is Lisa Brown, the mistress of former Buffalo Bills tight end Buster Barnett who played 4 years with the team in the early 80's. As an avid 37-year-old sports fanatic I must say, I had no idea who he was until today. But boy did he introduce himself in grand fashion. According to multiple reports, Brown was incensed over news that Buster and his wife Sandra had planned a trip that she didn't know about. On Wednesday, in a fit of rage Brown went to the Barnett home around lunch time. Buster was not home at the time. Brown stormed in the house while Sandra Barnett was on the phone and began subduing her with the handcuffs she brought to the scene. The woman Barnett was on the phone with heard the struggle until the line went dead. Instead of calling police, the woman called a male friend to go by the house and check on Sandra. By the time the male friend got their Brown was pulling off with a shackled Sandra Barnett in a Dodge Durango owned by Buster Barnett. Police spotted the SUV on Thursday and Brown led them on a wild chase into Alabama where suddenly she stopped the car and shot Barnett and then herself. 

Lisa Brown and Sandra Barnett had more in common than just their love for Buster. They were both Middle School teachers in Atlanta. There is no indication that authorities are looking at Buster Barnett as a possible accomplice although Brown's home and Dodge Durango were in Buster's name. Sadly, that's what usually happens in an affair. The side chick gets everything the wife used to get. This wasn't Brown's first run in with the law. She was currently on probation in Texas for kidnapping her daughter in 2013 after losing custody. This reminds me of the Steve McNair incident. In that case the mistress killed the ball player. In this case the mistress killed the ball players wife. This should be a lesson for the young athletes out there today. When you bring a crazy person into your life you are not only endangering your life, but you are endangering the life of your spouse. Get in the comment box and let me know what you think about this weird case.

The Barnett Home in Lithonia, Georgia.

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