Pittsburgh wins and that's all that matters.

By aaronmccune
Sep. 08, 2014

Even though the Cleveland Browns took a page out of their "Cardiac Kids" playbook with that furious second half comeback, everything went according to the script. A script written and etched in stone by these two AFC North teams over the past 20 years. Although leading 24-3 at the half, the Steelers ended up winning ugly. The Browns lost and now will be mired in a quarterback controversy. And of course, the sun will still come out tomorrow. 

When you come off of a season in which you started 0-4, winning in week one is nothing to shake a stick at. Follow a season in which you lost six games by 7 or fewer points, winning a game that was tied with eleven minutes left in the fourth quarter is a step in the right direction. If your quarterback and offensive Coordinator have been bickering like school girls for the past 2 years, seeing that star QB throw for 365 yards is...refreshing. Remeber, even with all of this, the Pittsburgh Steelers were a missed feild goal away from making the playoffs last year. If that is any indication then 2014 will be a great year in Western Pa.

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