SportsNut World Series Prediction.

By aaronmccune
Oct. 19, 2014

I love the Royals. I love everything they stand for. Teamwork, togetherness, toughness. They scratch and claw for everything, waging war on the base paths. Guys thirst for the opportunity to make a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly. They've won stealing seven bases in one game. They've won stealing one base in an entire series. The Royals have absolutely no regard for their physical well being.  This is why they are in the World Series. 

I think the Royals have a few more miracles left in them. The real question is if they will be able to be patient against Bumgarner and the boys? Will they be able to run on Buster Posey? How will they react when they face a team just as clutch as they are? These are all questions that will answer themselves as the series goes on. The fact remains, there are a ton of questions presented by the two time world champs. If the Kansas City Royals fail to find an answer to even one of these then they are gonna lose to the battle tested Giants.  Without the threat of the run they simply are not the Royals. If guys don't take pitches and force long at bats then Bochy can hide his average bull pen. If San Francisco starters can keep Royals runners close to first base with pick offs and pitch outs they can frustrate and distract the batters who will be constantly changing their strategy through out the at bat. For instance, we know that with a man on first base the Royal game plan is to move the guy over. This is a great deal of inside knowledge for a veteran manager and pitching staff. The more the Royals begin to think, the more it comes down to managerial decisions, the more I lean towards the Giants. Once frustration sets in on a young team it spreads like a contagion. I can't tell you the order of the games but San Francisco will come back to Kansas City for game six with a chance to clinch. They won't clinch in game six because the Royals will cash in their final miracle of the season. Then in game seven, I see an all hands on deck situation where Bumgarner comes on in the seventh inning and closes out the Royals 3-2.