The Austin Rivers-KG Beef: Young man take several seats.

By aaronmccune
Mar. 03, 2015

This KG vs Austin Rivers Beef that unfolded late in last night's game while many of you were asleep is mind boggling in many ways. First there's the fact that this is Doc's son and we all know that Doc coached KG fro six great years in Boston. Many of those great Celtic moments were shared with Doc's family. I always used to see a curly afro clad Austin Rivers on the sidelines as the clock winded down on another Celtic playoff series victory. KG's got to see this kid as a little brother. Then there is the fact that KG would literally devour Austin Rivers in a physical confrontation. This wouldn't be Isaiah Thomas vs Bill Cartwright or Chris Childs vs Kobe Bryant. This would end more like PJ Brown vs Charlie Ward. So Austin Rivers, I thought you had D-Wade talent at Duke and maybe because your dad was already filthy rich, you should've stayed in college to cultivate those gifts. Instead you jumped to the pros way too early and now you look lost. Austin, just focus on putting one foot in front of the other because you look a little awkward and clumsy on the NBA court. It's becoming apparent that you don't belong. Besides, KG is a Made Man and a guy like you doesn't touch a Made Man. Hit up the comment box and let me know what you think about Austin Rivers trying to turn up with Kevin Garnett??

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