These biscuits may need a little more time in the oven.

By aaronmccune
Apr. 05, 2014

When the 2013-14 Kentucky Wildcats conclude their season, whether it be tonight or Monday night it is safe to say we have seen Julius Randle's last collegiate game. The Wildcat big man has one flaw in his game and that is more than you can say for past #1 overall picks Andrea Bargnani, Micheal Olowokandi, Kwame Brown and Anthony Bennett. So what if he can't go right with the same ease as he goes left? He's fifteen. Give him some time. Many teams will be praying for the opportunity to let Randle improve his right hand under the tutelage of their assistant coaches. 

Like his predecessor Anthony Davis, Julius will be an All Star inside of two years. That is where the similarities between the 2012 and the 2014 Wildcats end. That team set an NCAA record with 38 wins and had (3) freshmen drafted in the first round. This team lost twelve games and should only have one freshman drafted in the first round. 

The Harrison twins should stay for at least one more year. I see their NBA potential topping out as 6'5" Derek Fishers. You may laugh but Derek Fisher is on my all time team with other glue guys like Rodman, Horry and  i. If the twins enter this year's NBA draft they will be no more than 6'5" bench warmers. Since they almost went to Maryland I'll give you two names. John Gilchrist and Greivis Vasquez. That is who they will be unless they come back to school. Yep, two filthy rich NBA bench warmers. Not bad if you look at it holistically. 

But why make the same mistake the starting back court of the 2012 team made. Doron Lamb and Marquis Teague might as well have hit the Power Ball because no one in the club knows how they got their Ace of Spades money. If I showed you a picture of Doron Lamb and said he was the president of some remote African country. You would say, "Wow, he looks young for a president." They left too early and now they will be out of the league in three years. 

The Harrison twins are the sons of a coach and hopefully he can guide them in the right direction. If not they will be working with him sooner than he'd like.

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