Top 5 Best Coaching Vacancies (prediction)

By Shawn Prue
Dec. 28, 2017

Probably one of the most fun things about the NFL offseason is filling the head coaching vacancies. There is so much talent around each roster, but it takes a truly talented coach to guide that team. These our my most mouth watering teams with most likely an upcoming head coaching search.

1. Houston Texans

Current HC: Bill O'Brien

Potential HC: Josh Mcdaniels

Deshaun Watson , Deandre Hopkins, JJ Watt, say no more sign me up to be there head coach! Its certainly unclear yet if the job will be open but with the disaster of a season its been I wouldn't be surprised. Don't get me wrong I love Bill O'Brien and people overlook the fact he made it the Divisional Round last year with Brock Osweiler. Ya he hasn't won much this year, but he's got a new young talented QB whos gonna be great. If by some means he gets fired I think Josh Mcdaniels is perfect for this. The defense is great so get an offensive minded coach and get one who's coached Tom Brady. Brady and Watson have similar play types and just look how successful Tom is and look how young Watson is. It could be scary. Josh is gonna be a very very popular canidate as he is every year, so his name might be around a lot.

2. Cincinnati Bengals

Current HC: Marvin Jones

Potential HC: Bill O'Brien

I think overall this team has talent everywhere. They got three young fast backs, a strong arm quarterback, and arguably one of the best recievers in the game. There defense has had a great reputation of being a top 10 caliber defense. I think a coach with a great quarterback background like Bill O'Brien could help Andy Dalton lead this team. There is no guarantee if Bill will be available , but if he is look for Cincinnati to be all over that.

3. New York Giants

Current HC: Steve Spagnola

Potential HC: Josh Mcdaniels

This Giants team could of easily been a contender this year, and its a shock they weren't. If it weren't for the dumpster fire of play calling and injuries they might be in the playoffs right now. Instead there probably watching the famous musical Hamilton or doing whatever New Yorkers do. If this team finds the right offensive minded coach they could be golden. There defense did as great as you can do when your going on the field every five plays. Anybody who knows what's on that roster would be drooling. Give Eli a coach whos gonna work with him and give him a coach that's help the young guns. Josh Mcdaniels has had easily one of the top offenses as the OC in New England, his track record as a coach is alright but give him some talent he'll make it work.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Current HC: Dirk Koetter

Potential HC: Mike Smith

Tampa Bay has all the tools it needs to be great and they were supposed to be the dark horse this year and then Jameis decided eating the dub was to hard and they tanked. But hey they still have Fitzmagic!! I think this team could do tremendous things and Jameis could very well be an MVP candidate one day but this team has to get healthy. Losing Levonte David and Gerald McCoy didn't help. Mike Smith has been successful at one point and I think with him at the helm the defense can survive on its one and make the playoffs. I don't expect Dirk to be back but he could take another job somewhere else

5. Arizona Cardinals

Current HC: Bruce Arians

Potential HC: Dave Toub

Welcome to the oldest team in the league ladies and gentleman. With Bruce expected to retire, Carson walking around like a glass house, and Fitzgerald making 50 the new 15 this job doesn't seem that appetizing, until you look at the defense. Tyrann Mathieu , Patrick Peterson, Chandler Jones? I think yes. This defense is the best when healthy and with a quarterback the offense can be even better. I expect this team to go crazy on the quarterback search. Dave Toub has quietly coached the best special teams in the league and has gone in noticed. Look for him to be a great candidate.