Marcus Ray Triumphs with Epic Blogging Comeback in September's Pro Leaderboard Contest

By Jets
Oct. 10, 2016

If you've ever wondered what it's really like to be a professional athlete, there are pretty much only two ways to find out: (1) become a pro yourself, or (2) read about it! Luckily, mp3gaul's excellent team of pro athlete bloggers are here to give you the inside scoop on the sports we crave.  Whether it's looking back on their careers, or looking with a close expert eye at current sports developments, our pros never fail to open our eyes and entertain. Here are the winners of September's pro leaderboard contest!

1. Marcus Ray Returns to Blogging -- and Victory!

There are lots of things that are great about fall -- but for college sports fans, nothing tops the return of college football! Luckily, NFL veteran and former Michigan champion is back after a blogging hiatus just in time for the NCAA football season -- and just in time to score the top spot on September's pro leaderboard!  In September, Marcus started a must-read series identifying the . In addition to sharing his weekly rankings, Marcus describes his expert rationale for his choices, and gives some highlights of the week, including some .  If you want to quickly catch up on the week's NCAA football action, or if you love reading a good list to see how you disagree or agree... then Marcus's blog will quickly become your go-to source.  Congratulations and welcome back, Marcus!

2. Jeff Nixon Never Ceases to Inspire

NFL veteran Jeff Nixon, author of the long-running powerhouse blog Retired NFL Players United, kept in top blogging form in September. As always, Jeff proved that he's tapped into the pulse of the retired football world, such as when he made a powerful case for why enough is enough already when it comes to the . He also used his blog to open up the floor for an interesting discussion about and how former players can best prepare for retirement. And we also loved Jeff's September blog l. Jeff shared videos of some of his favorite moments, and used it as an opportunity to discuss what the Bills must do to up their game this season.  Thank you as always for a great blogging month, Jeff!

3. Jim McIlvaine Shares the Inside Story 

NBA legend Jim McIlvaine always stands out with his strong, smart voice and unique point of view. In September, he pulled back the pro sports curtain in a fascinating pair of posts titled "What It's Really Like to Play in the NBA."  When we look at NBA players, we see the success, the triumph, the glamour... but from the players' perspective, it doesn't always feel that way. First, in part one, Jim gave us the scoop on is like, including training camp.  Then, part two focused on his , including how players cope with playing on losing teams. Jim described his rookie season, the routines, and what it's like to get play time.  It's rare to get this much detail and insight into the life of an NBA player -- a must-read for any basketball fan. Congrats and thanks, Jim!

Rounding Out the Top 10

Our pro bloggers brought a lot to the table in September! But don't just take our word for it. Check out all the great recent posts from , , , , , ,  and more!

Congrats again to September's winners, and a big thanks to all our pro bloggers!