Army-Navy: So Special, They Get Their Own Week

By Joey Broback
Dec. 09, 2016


Alright, it's time to show your college football pick 'em skills. I've been picking all year, but it's time for you viewers to show what you can do. I've created an ESPN College Bowl Mania Group for you to create an entry. Bragging rights are a great trophy to hang on to until next year, and all of you have the opportunity to claim that prize. Games start Saturday, December 17th, so there is plenty of time to make your picks. Group information is listed below, and good luck picking!

Group name: TPO Bowls
Password: dotheblakeface

I look forward to to the competition from everyone! Picks are straight up (meaning you will just pick the winners of each game), and you won't have to worry about ranking them on confidence. There are 42 games to pick, and make sure you pick the tie-breaking score at the bottom. Games will close once they have started, so you can change your picks anytime until kickoff of each game. Any questions, let me know!

RECORD: 78-40 SEASON: 42-16 LAST WEEK: 2-2

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