Rusev Losing to Cena at WrestleMania Will Not Hurt His Push

By Derek Ferreira
Mar. 04, 2015

All signs are pointing to John Cena facing Rusev at WrestleMania where Cena will finally Rusev. Since making his debut in WWE, Rusev has been booked so well over the last year and this current feud that he’s in will not derail his push anytime soon.

On the road to WrestleMania, Rusev and Lana have been two of the biggest attractions in the company. In WWE’s history, there are few Superstars who have been portrayed stronger. Without a defeat on his resume, Rusev is the toughest monster in the WWE and even better than a beast called Brock Lesnar.

While many wrestling fans complained that Rusev won via shenanigans at FastLane, Rusev showed tenacity and in-ring awareness at FastLane when he hit Cena with a low blow. Shenanigans not only helped him retain the U.S title, but it gave him more heat following the match.

Whether Rusev wins or loses at WrestleMania, Rusev and Lana will always have huge heat because of the fact that they have the Russian gimmick, or as I like to call it the “Ivan Drago” gimmick from Rocky IV. The body of work has been incredible in their role and has given him potential in his character, but it’s still a cheap gimmick that draws reaction when WWE goes on the road.

We have to understand that Cena will win this match at WrestleMania and Rusev’s undefeated streak, but it has been Rusev who has depicted the direction of the storyline. Instead of going after Cena, Rusev has forced Cena to be the one begging at another shot for the U.S. title. Rusev has gotten the advantage more than Cena in this feud, and when he turns down Cena’s challenge, it makes Rusev the quintessential heel. This is an old-school gimmick, and the storytelling is working.

The IWC would love to see Cena lose to Rusev at WrestleMania. Rusev is one of the best wrestlers in the ring, and his brutal style makes him a threat to any worthy opponent for anyone in the WWE. However, I hate to the bearer of bad news to the IWC as Cena will win, but the momentum that Rusev and Lana have built over the last year will keep them at the top of the upper-cards for the rest of 2015.

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