Why Seth Rollins Is The Best Heel In The WWE

By Derek Ferreira
Apr. 14, 2015

Last June, Seth Rollins turned heel in what was the second biggest shocking moment in professional wrestling history when he betrayed The Shield. Was I surprised that The Shield broke up too soon? No! In fact, rumor had it that The Shield were supposed to break up at the Battleground PPV. After the breakup, everyone was questioning how Seth Rollins would stand out as a heel. We all knew his body of work was top notch inside a wrestling ring, but what about his promo skills?

Before the breakup, Dean Ambrose was the promo master for The Shield, but over the last few months, Rollins has been the best on the promo skills. His promos are so good, that you want to hate the guy even more. He’s cocky, arrogant, and becomes a snob during his promos. When watching Rollins on RAW or Smackdown, he reminds me of an old school champion that’s willing to anything to keep his WWE Championship. With J&J security in the mix, you have a classic heel character. Not only that, but he’s the poster boy of The Authority, which makes Stephanie McMahon and Triple H respect him.

People have asked me why I’m a Rollins fan. The reason why I’m a Rollins fan is because of his body of work and mic skills. In fact, once he turned on The Shield, I believed that he was going to be something special. When doing my Wrestling Forum awards show this past December, Rollins was my Superstar of the Year. Many people debated me on that topic because everyone had Brock Lesnar as Superstar of the Year because of the fact that he ended “The Streak” at WreslteMania and won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam over John Cena. With Rollins, he had the Money in the Bank briefcase, a decent feud with Dean Ambrose and a decent feud with John Cena, which led to that awesome 4 and a half star match at the Royal Rumble between those two and Leanar That's another reason why he was my Superstar of the Year.

We have are favorite heels in Lesnar, Rusev and Bray Wyatt. But it’s so cool to have a cocky heel in Rollins. You have a heel that will flat out cheat in his matches. Even though people were worried at first, Rollins has hit it out of the park. I expect great things from Rollins in 2015 and beyond.