Will George Karl Make the Sacramento Kings a Winner?

By Derek Ferreira
Feb. 13, 2015

The Sacramento Kings have gone through eight head coaches since they parted ways with Rick Adelman in 2006. The Kings have not had a winning season I almost a decade and they are on their way to having another dud season. Before the season started, the team was making progress under Michael Malone. However, he was fired two months ago and the team is 7-21 since that firing.

The Kings are about to hire a proven winner and one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, George Karl. But with his history, can Karl turn the Kings around?

The head coaching process has been weird for the Kings. When the Kings fired Malone, it was one of the stupidest decisions the front office has ever made, most notably Vivek Ranadive and general manager Pete D’Allesandro. Even though they wanted Karl after the firing of Malone, the Kings didn’t show any urgency in hiring him, and that’s why they hired Carbin in late December. The Kings made this decision because they knew that Karl wanted to coach the Orlando Magic.

All of that aside, I like this hire. Karl has connections with D’Alessandro given their history in Denver and he should run a style of basketball to what the front office wanted.

But there is controversy surrounding his hire as the Kings lone star, DeMarcus Cousins approves of this hire. Cousins was not happy when Malone got fired and rumor has it that he opposes of the Karl hiring, which Cousins responded that he was not involved in this coaching decision and would support the decision.

The relationship between Cousins-Karl will be one to watch. Cousins has been a great player this season. But he is upset that the team is struggling to build a winner. Karl represents the best opportunity to build a winner and will be the best coach for Cousins and the Kings.

Karl’s body of work speaks for itself as he has only missed the playoffs once in his career. He will have a tough job with a franchise that has been a dud over the years but he has a star in Cousins and a front office that has shown to make aggressive moves to make the team better. For the first time in a decade, Kings fan have something to be excited for with the club moving forward.


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