WWE Battleground 2015 Preview & Prediction

By Derek Ferreira
Jul. 17, 2015

WWE Battleground will be live this Sunday from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri exclusively on PPV and on the WWE Network, which is headlined by the biggest WWE Championship match of 2015 with Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar. Also, a co-main event with John Cena defending his U.S. title against Kevin Owens! Will the sequel be better than the original? While the rest of the card is average, the big story that has followed this show; the past few days is could we see the return of The Undertaker? With a Network that is going to pull in new subscribers, it’s very possible something big is going to happen come Sunday night. But, let’s get to the preview shall we.

For Barrett’s King of the Ring: R-Truth vs. King Barrett: I have R-Truth winning.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus: I truly believe that this is going to open the show. Orton will get the hometown love, which will get him fired up. Meanwhile, I’ll get more into Sheamus in just a bit. But anyways, this should be a good wrestling match. Both competitors are good in the ring and have good chemistry based on their past feuds, so expect to see some brawling and chin wrestling mixed in. The con is that the typical WWE Universe has seen this match plenty of times. I have Orton winning this match with the RKO. Orton needs this win to get momentum as he head into the dog days of summer within the WWE.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Primetime Players © vs. The New Day: This has the potential to be a really good match. I’ve always liked Kofi Kingston, hence why I think he’s going to be in this match and Big E. In terms on who wins, PTP hasn’t been the best champions since winning the titles a month ago. I felt like WWE should’ve put more meaning into this feud, which is why I have The New Day regaining their tag team titles. It makes sense for The New Day to feud with The Lucha Dragons since The Lucha Dragons have been getting wins these past few weeks on Raw and Smackdown.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt: Reigns has had some good matches this calendar year. Expect that streak to continue on Sunday, when he faces Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is a very good ring worker and has been a mess this year with WWE Creative having nothing for him. The wildcard in this match could involve The Undertaker since those two had a feud this year. But I doubt that. With the rumors of Sting coming back for a SummerSlam match, it could plant the seeds for Sting vs. Wyatt. It’s my typical WWE fantasy booking. In the end, whether the mindgames of Sting plays in this match or not, Roman Reigns should get the victory here.

United States Championship: John Cena © vs. Kevin Owens: As I said in the beginning of this blog, will the sequel top the original? Very difficult to answer that question, but we know that John Cena is the “Golden Boy” of the WWE whereas Kevin Owens is the top heel in pro wrestling today. No shenanigans in this match. I’m begging you WWE. We don’t want to see a overbooked finish. I believe that Owens will win this match. It’s a great move for WWE. Cena will be in support of this decision, as he is a supporter of emerging talents in the WWE. Another positive I can put in this blog is that Cena needs to get back into the main event picture. I respect him for what he did these last few months with the Open Challenges on Raw and he needs to get rewarded with a return to the main event scene.

WWE Championship: Seth Rollins © vs. Brock Lesnar: The biggest match of 2015 is in a mere two days. This is a match where I see a lot of crazy booking and I’m about to share that on this blog. As far as the match goes, Seth Rollins, WELCOME TO SUPLEX CITY! Lesnar is going to use those suplexes and MMA fighting style in this match. The ending could see Rollins teasing a Curb Stomp, only for Lesnar to hit the F5 and become the new WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World. Is Lesnar leaving Screwy St Louie with the belt Sunday night? Nope! This is where my crazy booking goes into play. First, The Undertaker comes out and goes face to face with the man that conquered his “Streak” last year. Hits the Tombstone Piledriver, hence Sheamus comes out and cashes in the MITB briefcase to become the NEW WWE CHAMPION. Why am I going with this? It sets up Taker vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam. WWE wants to make SummerSlam a “must see event.” Well, they have the opportunity to do so with this booking 101 that I came up with.

Overall Thoughts: The show that I have vested interest in. Of course Rollins vs. Lesnar is the reason to tune in. Heck, I can say Owens vs. Cena as well. But the real story will be if The Undertaker shows up. If that’s the case, then SummerSlam has that intrigue going into the build for that show. One thing I want to mention before I end this blog, is with the IC title scrapped due to Ryback’s injury, expect an angle with the Divas. I will have a PPV Recap come Sunday night. It’s been forever in a day since I’ve done that, but I’m bringing that back. Enjoy Battleground! 


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