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Aug. 20, 2017

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Thank you for reading our blog! I got lots of great questions this week. If you are new to my page, I do Q&A’s every couple of weeks. I love engaging with my followers and getting your perspectives. I encourage readers to read past blogs as many of your questions are answered in them. DM me on Instagram @Syracuse.Hoops on any feedback you have. Let me know how you like the blogs! I always love your feedback! Enjoy the blog and go Cuse!

Q&A- Session 8


Q1: If Syracuse ets Jalen Carey, would we also want Eric Ayala or not?

-Via @johnnyforesman

A- Of course we would want both of them, but it's unrealistic They play the same position and have similar skill sets. (Ayala is listed as a combo guard but plays majority of minutes at point guard) Both like to have the ball in their hands and run the show. Both can shoot it pretty well. They both are very capable scorers from all levels. Though in different fashions, both like to slash in the lane and score at the rim. You get the picture, they are very similar. Jalen Carey has the athletic advantage over Ayala. Ayala is more of an old school crafty scorer while Carey is athletically gifted and can adjust to . I just don’t see them meshing well together. I believe if one of them commits, the other will not. Syracuse was recruiting Ayala more heavily for the 2017 class. They have backed off a bit when he decided not to reclassify. It is surely a wait and see, but do not expect to see both of their names on the roster next year.

Q2: Do u think Bazley will be in the McDonalds All-American game?

-Via @trevor_durkin10

A-As of right now, yes. The 6’9” senior from Cincinnati has seen his stock rise significantly after an impressive summer. As of now, he is top 30 in all 4 major recruiting sites, and even has risen to 12 in the Scout.com list. After reopening his recruitment when he decommitted from Ohio State, he gained lots of attention. The long athletic forward can play facing the rim and is an excellent shooter. As far as being a McDonalds All-American, the hype surrounding him as well as his unanimous top 30 ranking should put him on a roster. If you look at Cuse’s last 8 recruits rated as high as Bazley that were eligible for being a Mcdonalds All American (Malachi, Ennis, Coleman, Rakeem, Dion, Fab, Flynn, and Greene) 6 of them were selected to participate. (Ennis and Dion got snubbed). Darius is just too good and too fun to watch not to be selected.

Q3: Do you think the retirement of Jim Boeheim will have an effect on recruiting?

-Via @double_hk_keble

A- Unfortunately, yes. I would say the four main things highly coveted recruits consider when making a decision is the campus, how well they will fit in the system, how well the program will prepare them for the next level, and the coaching staff. Obviously a Hall of Fame coach is a major pull for kids. Only 7 schools can claim that title. (Dook, Louisville, SMU, Kentucky, Michigan St, UNC, and Syracuse) Who wouldn't want to play for one of the winningest coaches ever? One of the biggest reasons why Kentucky is so good is because people want to play for Cal. He is a tremendous coach and prepares kids well for the NBA. Although Syracuse is no NBA factory people love to play for Jim Boeheim. When he leaves, of course it will take a hit on recruiting because there is no longer that HOF coach attraction. However when (or if) he leaves, I’m sure the program will be in good hands. The top 3 assistants: Griffen, Autry, and Macnamara, all played and learned from Boeheim. Jimmy will have quite the selection of coaches to choose from when he steps away. Recruiting will take a slight dip in recruiting, but by no means will Cuse cease to win.

Q4: How do you see Howard Washington’s role this year and the future.

-Via @christian.panagos

A- Howard Washington was a stellar get for Syracuse. He is originally from Canisius just outside of Buffalo. He played at the powerhouse Montverde Academy for two years before playing a post grad year at Athlete Institute Prep where he became friends with fellow incoming freshman Oshae Brissett. Washington is an all-around player. He has 6 triple doubles last season. He is a tremendous passer and shooter. However his success will com in the future. He currently sits behind 2 seasoned point guards on the depth chart, Frank Howard and Geno Thorpe. I just don’t see him getting significant minutes this year. Of course he will find himself in games. Cuse may need his shooting stroke late in games or some fresh legs when they are falling behind, but he won’t play a prominent role. Syracuse recruited him to be a 4 year reliable player. He is very similar to Tyler Ennis, who was recruited to play the same role before a breakout year and a departure to the NBA (That’s another story). Next year, Howard will see more minutes. With Geno Thorpe graduating that opens up the gates for Washington. He will battle for minutes with the then senior Frank Howard and work his way into a bigger role. I foresee the next two years after that as him controlling Cuse as their starting point guard. He has tons of potential and is primed to be someone that Boeheim and co. to rely on for immediate production.

Q5: Who will be team MVP the year?

-Via @Aidan.Owens

A- I’ll keep this short and sweet, as I have said in the last blog, Taurean Thompson is about to have a monster year. He will lead the Orange in scoring and rebounding and will ultimately be All-ACC. I know this may shock some as Tyus Battle is most people’s favorite and I agree that he too will have a tremendous year, But Taurean showed signs last year of what he can be. He averaged 9.2 PPG on only 17.9 minutes while shooting 55%. Now think about what his numbers could be if he plays 35 minutes… scary good. I cannot wait to see what Taurean does this season.

Q6: What do you think Syracuse’s 2018-2019 roster will look like?

-Via @Aidan.Owens

A- This is my PROJECTED rotational roster…

Sr Frank Howard- PG

Jr Paschal Chukwu- C

So Elijah Hughes- SG

So Matt Moyer- SF/PF

So Oshae Brissett- SF/PF

So Marek Dolezaj- SF/PF

So Bourama Sidibe- C

So Howard Washington- PG

Fr Darius Bazley- SF

Fr Jalen Carey- PG

Fr Buddy Boeheim- SG/SF

Key Additions- Darius Bazley, Jalen Carey, Buddy Boeheim

Key Departures- Tyus Battle, (NBA) Taurean Thompson, (NBA) Geno Thorpe. (Graduated)

Yes, I do think Syracuse will get Jalen Carey and Buddy Boeheim who has already punched his ticket to Cuse and has even started to recruit on social media. I also think that Tyus and Taurean are gone to the NBA. They are both so gifted and have great potential. Syracuse will rely heavily on their super sophomores in 2018.

Q7: Do you think Carmelo will ever make another All-Star game?

-Via @will_prkr

A- Depends on if he gets to wear a hoodie during games.


Thank you for reading our Q&A! The questions sent in were great. It is always so hard to choose which ones to answer. Remember, if your question wasn’t answered, chances are it was already answered on a previous blog. If that’s the case, DM us and we can give you the link to our previous Q&A’s. Please me with feedback. I’m always up for suggestions on how to better the blog. As always, thank you for supporting my account and the blogs!

Go Cuse!



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