The road to greatness: LeBron James.

By Henry Dwan
May. 31, 2018

What was your initial reaction when you first saw the news about the "BIG 3" trio of Boston Celtics? For me, it was similar to the release of the iPhone 4. For those who remember, it was June 21, 2010, just 4 days after the epic level rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics ending an era, that Apple released their revolutionary whole-glass back iPhone with a brilliant retina display shocking the tech industry. Two weeks later, the "The Decision" TV show shocked the sports industry as LeBron James announced his decision to change teams in his prime to pursue the highest honor in the basketball world. And we all know this story...

iPhone 4 changed the tech industry by its design and Steve Jobs' persist of perfect; "The Decision" changed the sports industry by subvert people's established concept of a super star or championship honor. But the most bitter medicine always wrapped the most sweet sugarcoating. The public relationship issue almost destroyed Apple and the new "BIG 3" in the South Beach. LeBron James almost became the most infamous NBA player after a high keys announcement of his decision and teasing Dirk Nowitzki during the NBA Final.

The darkest night happens before the brightest morning. The waiting (or redemption) between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is the longest (16 months) among every iPhone series, but they fixed the reception problem and introduced the outstanding featured named "Siri"; Lebron James finally won his championship at the third time he tried to raise the trophy, which is the NBA finals on 2012, the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder by 4:1. He earned almost all the honors that a player can earn in a single season, however, the suspicion was never stopped. People putted the doubt on his leadership, his mentality and his loyalty. To silent the haters, he responded by a back to back championship and FMVP, after Apple increase the screen size on iPhone 5 to show people their ability to make things perfect.

The evolution from iPhone 4 to iPhone X accompanied me from the last two years of college life, all the way to my one-year military life, started my career, and move to the U.S. I always sat before the laptop in the late night, waiting for the Apple special event, see what would Apple do to change the tech industry, the way people use smart phone, the world--in this 8-year span. And LeBron James, one of the most basketball player in this century, is trying to win his 4th championship after the 8th streak appearance of his NBA final tour.

iPhone 5S brought the fingerprint feature to change our habit using smart phone, but the old fashioned size display still got some criticism; "The Decision 2" after the loss in the 2014 Finals made LeBron more infamous, but also gave him the best chance to be a real hero. iPhone 6 finally has the big size screen which contains the most people, the 5th straight year of Finals appearance brought LeBron more closer to Michael Jordan. The 3D touch function on iPhone 6S maximized people's imagination about a phone, and eventually, the O'Brien trophy landed The Land. Seems iPhone 7 faced some bottleneck of creation, but the combination of home button and screen technology, and the new camera still kept surprising customers. Last year, Cavaliers experienced their most miserable loss in the Finals, but the odd of eastern conference title this season is still the Cavaliers led by Lebron.

And he made it.


Last year, Apple removed home button--their biggest feature, and introduced the full-screen iPhone X, shocking the world again. From the chosen 1 to one of the G.O.A.T., the betrayer of Cleveland to the savior of The Land, LeBron James is still there, on the road chasing greatness, just like the quote from Steve Jobs: Stay hungry, stay foolish.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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