How to fix the Cy Young Voting

By Evan Hayes
Nov. 18, 2016

Since Justin Verlander was cheated out of his Cy Young award due to two Tampa Bay area writers completely leaving him off of their ballots many have questioned the process of the voting. This is and should be looked into and it could be fixed with just a quick and simple process that may or may not make sense to some.

All the BBWAA has to do is hold two types of voting periods, one vote for those who are the 5 finalist and then a second vote of those 5 and only those 5 to decide the winner of the Cy Young award. In this past award voting 11 total pitches received at least 1 vote for the Cy Young when only 5 can place from that voting, and allowing for Verlander to get dropped off ballots. With my change they would vote just the same way they do now, anyone can receive a vote, except the top 5 vote recipients are placed into the finalist vote. In the finalist vote those previously selected 5 players are the only players those voting can vote for, so it is completely 100% fair and uninformed fools can not ruin the process by voting for someone for no reason.

This is a change that could and should be take into consideration for all types of voting formats, and would allow these voters to waste their votes on players in the first vote not the one that matters. It is a simple and easy change that makes sense and allows for the players the actually deserve to win and gain recognition for their play to get and receive that.

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