College Confidential

By sportswriter1
Aug. 20, 2015

LeBron James is why athletes should be able to skip college, or be paid!
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I was thinking on this subject the other watching "Default student loans" that was on Link T.V. What made me think about this topic even more was Northwestern not being allowed to unionized. I believe that College is a business, and that is a major problem. Do you think LeBron James would be any better at the NBA had he spent a year in College? How about Kobe Bryant?

I was accepted into a university and FASFA agreed to pay roughly 14,000$. I would have to pay university X around 10,000$. If I take out the loans that they pressure you into taking it would be 500$ a month. However, just to take one journalism class would have cost 3,000$. I told the University that I don't want to take a loan out. I don't believe in getting yourself into debt, especially when sports writing salary you make between 30,000$ up to 70,000$. I am just starting out and to put myself into debt like that would be crazy.

That leads us back to question A and the answer is simple American Greed. That is why College hopes a LeBron James walks into their campus. Now, women sports that is another issue. A Brittany Griner is nice, or a Elena Della Donne. However, men sports sadly is where the money is at this state of society. Just look at the NBA versus WNBA. WNBA has amazing games, and these women are truly passionate about the game; yet they still aren't getting paid nearly enough for the injuries they risk.

The Universities and the prices they charge are criminal, and the loans just make matters even more complicated. I wish that I could afford to attend at least one class at University X. However, on the bright-side the English program was more for teachers. I just believe education shouldn't be so expensive.

Universities do not guarantee jobs and in my profession I have not been asked if I have a college degree. I have been rejected four times, however on the fifth application I was brought onto the position to cover women sports. The one thing universities don't consider is the fact as a writer you typically don't make a whole lot starting out. However, when you make it everything pays off. 

The truth of the matter College doesn't just affect me. It affects the whole U.S.A, and I worry what will happen in the future. What does a college degree even signify? It means you worked hard, unless you went to a party school. I bet you are awesome if that was the case. In all seriousness does it really pay off, or is the degree just a sugar pill. The troubling thing is people may have the gifts and abilities inside them already. I am sure Ronda Rousey doesn't have to go to a University to learn how to be a great fighter. She already is one of the greats educated or not.

College sports are really fun to watch, and it is great to support your team. I just feel bad knowing very few players will make the next level. The thing is even at High School people take sports way to seriously. I see such a competitive environment, and I realize most of those people will not get a scholarship from a division 1 school. I believe some are talented enough, but I live in a very small city up in Northern California that most people only know of Sacramento when I am asked where I am from.

It can be challenging sometimes and I keep hoping that I can land a position that pays, and so my dream of moving to L.A and sportswriting can come true. We can achieve great things as a nation, but do we need University's and the NCAA to achieve that goal. No we do not we need to stop spoon-feeding their wallets. We need to take a stand and then they will be forced to lower their prices.

Do you believe the NCAA and NAIA are out of line? Sound of in the comments. Remember we are the revolution, and together we can America great again.


Kristopher M. Newcome