By sportswriter1
Jul. 30, 2016

Patricio Garino welcome to the San Antonio Spurs!
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs just added the next big Argentina star on their roster. The Spurs signed Patricio Garino to a two year contract.  The deal was reported by Fansided writer Michael Rehome. I think this is was a excellent move watching his highlights you can tell he is a great defensive player and he has a solid three point shot. I wouldn't be surprised if he made the San Antonio Spurs roster this year.  Patricio Garino will have a great mentor in his transition to the NBA game in Manu Ginóbili.

I am really excited and I look forward to saying Patricio Garino after he hits a clutch a three. I think he will be a great play-maker in 2016-2017. He was very solid with the Argentina National Team and also with George Washington.  I think this is a excellent move as the San Antonio Spurs are great at signing international prospects. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the smartest organizations.

I am really impressed with Patricio Garino and I believe he will have a bright future in the NBA. I will be watching this move closely and I look forward to training camp starting. The Spurs roster is officially maxed out and it will be interesting to see who ends up making the roster and who plays in the D-League. I am really intrigued by this move and it is a very exciting time to be a San Antonio Spurs fan!


Kristopher M. Newcome


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