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Trump Destroying Sports

By dee0120
Sep. 25, 2017

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I usually don't like to talk about politics but when someone like Donald Trump tries to create divide in something I love so much it makes me angry. Sports have been my world since I started playing to now working in the industry. Sports are suppose to be fun for us to watch and enjoy but Trump has put his stank on it by calling for NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem to be fired. In his words "those sons of bitches." These players are doing what your suppose to be doing President Trump. That's bringing the country together and not dividing it with your narcissistic ways. There is not just injustice in the black community but throughout the United States. It is funny how Jemele Hill can almost lose her job at ESPN for calling President Trump a white supremacist but when the leader of the free world calls people "sons of bitches" it is ok. The president is suppose to be elegant with his words and not sound like he is some uneducated person. It is getting hard to bare his antics especially when he is creating this divide in sports when it has been the pinnacle teamwork.

I have always liked Rex Ryan but I have grown to respect him. Even though he voted for Trump it is amazing to see him talk about how he didn't sign up to have a president like this. For a Trump supporter to be disgusted by his actions shows how this man is not making America great again! Trump fires off whatever he is thinking and it will become dangerous and put us as Americans at risk. How Trump acted when Steph Curry declined to go for the White House visit was like some little kid mad cause somebody doesn't want to go to their birthday party. I still think Trump holds a grudge that he wasn't accepted into the big boy club of being a team owner. Let's not forget he was the downfall of the USFL. He tried to have the USFL to compete during the Fall instead of Spring and the USFL couldn't compete with the NFL during the Fall and it was the downfall of the league. He was an awful owner of the New Jersey Generals and now he is becoming an awful President. As you can see Trump better watch out before he gets embarrassed again by the NFL. Let's not forget he is hated by a USFL former players.