Jay Cutler Cleared To Play For Bears.

By ichishirt
Oct. 25, 2016

Bears HC John Fox announced that Jay Cutler has been cleared to play, which he'll do next Monday night against the Vikings, odds are, these are Cutler's last 8 games in a Bears uniform, I just have to wonder, how long will Fox stay with Cutler, how long before Matt Barkley is brought in, and who will Fox either sign or draft in the offseason to replace Cutler, because, the Bears as a whole, have a lot of needs, both Cutler an d Brian Hoyer took a beating in the pocket this season. Other than Alshon Jeffery, what other receiver do they have? Kevin White? Can he even stay healthy? And who is the RB in Chicago? A lot of questions need to be answered over these next two months.


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