Falcons 2017 Offseason preview

By Jon Opiela
Feb. 12, 2017

Heartbreak is tough, but the look of the future could be very exciting

Falcons 2017 Offseason preview

Ok, so you’re a Falcons fan and the promise of a super bowl was stolen out of your hands by one of the greatest of all time. The pain is deep but it’s time to move on from it, the longer you look upon it the sadder you will get, so in this article I will suggest what the Falcons can do or should do in order to get back next year or within the next couple of years.

For starters this team is relatively very young, the defense is young yes but the same could be said for the offense being led by a 31 year-old MVP. Here are some needs/wants that could and should be addressed (you know, if I was the GM and what not).

First we begin with the Falcons free agents 

Jonathan Babineaux Age 35 (Might retire)-if he doesn’t retire he should definitely be brought back to finish his Career in Atlanta.

Dwight Freeney Age 36 (Likely Retires)-if not should also be brought back

Jacob Tamme Age 31-Was a target for Matt Ryan throughout his years here, if he can’t show he can get back to his regular performance status after his season ending shoulder surgery then the Falcons should definitely let him go

Chris Chester Age 34- Even though Chester was pretty consistent this year he should be let go there potentially are better options throughout the offseason, which could serve to not only be better in the long run but help in the present if not that then I would suggest possibly bringing him back as a backup to a better option

Pat Dimarco Age 27- It’s pretty much guaranteed that Pat stays, he has been one of the most consistent and reliable fullbacks in the past 5 years, whether he’s run blocking or receiving (he can run it at times as well) he almost never fails to get a first down or get positive yardage, not to mention Turnovers are not only rare for him but for this offense as well.

Sean Weatherspoon Age 29- Call it what you want but I simply call it bad luck. Weatherspoon just cannot stay healthy, when he is on the field he has awareness past his years and excellent tackling technique as well. This makes it difficult to predict, but personally as a Falcons fan I want him to stay mainly for Locker room presence if not him play on the field, but I know this roster spot could also be used on someone else time will have to decide this one because I can’t.

Matt Schaub Age 35- Likely leaves whether he joins the 49ers or not if so the Falcons need to replace with another backup QB, veteran or rookie

Levine Toilolo Age 25- Likely is brought back to compete for a spot in the TE rotation if not could be released, though his play definitely improved this season he could just so happen to go back to his old self but with a Large frame and progressing hand work, blocking and receiving he could earn his spot on the team.

Courtney Upshaw Age 27- In the time he was allowed to play within the ever changing Dan Quinn defensive line rotation he showed to be a pretty stout De/Dt after being converted from linebacker, I personally like what I saw in his transition and would keep him however others and the coaching staff might feel differently when it comes time to discuss a contract.

Paul Worrilow Age 26- Currently being used as a Veteran presence and special teamer, could potentially find a better role somewhere else, which could lead to his departure.

Eric Weems Age 31- a great coverage special teamer but when it comes to kick offs and punt returns he so often takes the exact way the defense is coming instead of the very open path at the other end of the field as well as often taking the ball within the boundary of the 10 yard line and in and not fair catching at that point either. Dan Quinn wants to keep a safety net back there to ensure no turnovers, this is likely the reason he stays. He does explode for a big gain every now and then, that is the only reason I might back the reasoning behind this.

Laroy Reynolds Age 26- He is literally the definition of a Spark Plug just watch this Mic’d up segment,https://www..com/watch?v=jfa_6d1_AdM it also doesn’t hurt that whenever his number is called he usually delivers.

Alderick Robinson Age 28- part of a receiving core that was ever changing and always delivered likely stays if not finds a slot receiver job elsewhere after possibly reviving his career in Atlanta.

Tom Compton Age 27- Likely is kept for depth if not is possible to be released however when his number was called in Super Bowl LI he did deliver so he could find a starters role somewhere else if he caught the attention of another team

Dashon Goldson Age 32- Possibly to be kept for depth, also produced whenever his number was called but spent most of the year on the inactive list due to play time being very scarce 

Kehmal Ishmael Age 25- a thumper that is rarely denie,hasimproved coverage skills as well,could stay for depth. Did have a season ending injury on his shoulder could deter a team or even the Falcons away if he shows he cannot bounce back from it.

Now that’s all over we can get to the very exciting part of the article free agency and draft predictions.

Free Agency-

Fillers: Sean Spence (LB),Kenjon Barner (RB/KR/PR),MichealGriffin (S),Tj Yates or Matt Cassell (QB’s),Darryl Tapp (DE), Vance Walker (DE)

Wants(Most likely won’t happen):Tim Lelito (G), Kevin Zeitler(G), Luke Jockel (G), Charles Johnson 

(DE)(might stay, Falcons may not believe in him having a comeback year) Cordelle Patterson 

(Wr,Kr,Pr)(Likely stays, might not fit Quinn want for a “Safety Net”, but is dangerous when not fumbling) 

Lorenzo Alexander (Likely stays after reviving his career in Buffalo, however the Falcons could use a 

veteran presence at linebacker the Patriots exposed that, the young linebackers of the Falcons have 

great potential but however, as good they are and trust me they are, they are still developing) Darelle

Revis (CB/S?)(could switch to safety and revive his career if released only problem is what he might ask 

for an abundant amount of money and can he revive his career after being exposed several times this 

past season) Eric Berry(S)(it’s not so wrong for me to wish that he wants to play in his hometown and 

switch to FS since he does have the tools to do so Right?) Micah Hyde (FS/CB)( likely stays, he is a want 

because he his very opportunistic, which will get you on Dan Quinn’s good side, by the way did I 

mention, as well as Ricardo Allen played this year he was often exposed in coverage and tackling after

having a great tackling performance the previous year)

Needs(Addressed through Free Agency or the Draft)- K(If Matt Bryant retires, one of the most consistent 

kickers in NFL history, I’m not even sure his body knows that he is 41 year old), DE(Someone needs to be 

opposite of Vic Beasley and put pressure on the Quarterback). DT(Whether Babs retires this year or not 

it will be soon, he eventually will need a replacement).Safety/Cornerback help( Ok so the Falcons 

actually have a lot of depth at Corner but that very depth is still developing as well if not drafting a 

corner past the 3rd round a veteran should be brought in to either play or help with veteran leadership). 

Safety wise Ricardo Allen has not impressed me at times he is very ballhawkish but the other times he is 

exposed, and his tackling regressed we will have to see what they do but I’d find a 

replacement or more depth).Guard(I’d rather find someone in Free agency to help this spot but the 

options available might stay with their teams or might be too much for the Falcons to afford). TE(A

Veteran needs to be signed if Tamme does not return).

Free Agent Necessities- 

Calasis Campbell (DE/DT) could be a monster at the tackle or end position will garner a lot of attention and free up others elsewhere to have a run at the Quarterback and is an absolute Run stopper.

Kiko Alonso (LB) an opportunistic Veteran linebacker might garner the Falcons attention and help out the Linebacker rotation with some veteran presence.

Brandon Mcmanus (K) Might or Might not leave the Broncos who knows but if Bryant retires I would love a veteran presence that has been in big time moments before and can deliver if not the falcons have an in house option they could try out (Mike Meyer).

Nick Perry (LB) veteran and increased his performance from previous year but might stay with the Packers.

Jermaine Gresham (TE) I would love the Falcons to acquire a big tight end similar to Jimmy Graham or when they had Tony Gonzalez.

Jordan Cameron (TE) not a big framed target like Gresham but defiantly reliable and a big enough target.

Draft targets: Duwaune Smoot (DE) Illinois (A little raw but a monster when the motor is going, Late 1st

early 2nd), Ezra Robinson (CB) Tennessee State(Improved stock during Senior Bowl looked very good in 

drills definitely has shutdown 1v1 potential (Late 3rd to Late 4th) , Donnell Pumphrey (RB) San Diego 

state(Potentially replaces Freeman or Coleman if one leaves in the future should be available in the late rounds.)Lorenzo Jerome (CbAlso improved his stock during the Senior bowl, did struggle a little in 1v1s 

but surely has potential, Late 3rd to late 4th. Dan feeney (g) if the Falcons don’t address this spot in Free 

agency if the chance comes that must take it immediately or right after immediately(Mid 1st to mid 2nd). 

Dalvin Tomlinson (DT/DE) Also improved during senior bowl was blocked by Johnathan Allen but was for 

reasons great potential but surely will need time to get there,(late 1st to late 2nd). Fish Smithson (S) 

absolute ballhawk and tackles in space late 2nd to Mid-3rdTedricThompson (S) Ballhawk skills shown the 

ability to tackle pretty well,(Late 4th Mid 5th). Eddie Jackson (S) Injury set him back a team will have to 

take the chance on him eventually can be great just needs to show a better tackle regiment late 4 to late 


Rejoice, a New stadium is coming and our team can only get better from here experience and added 

depth could put this team on top.


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