Three Reasons the Cowboys Will Beat The Packers

By ryanmacdonald
Jan. 11, 2015

The Dallas Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers Tomorrow at 12:00 PM

Three Reasons the Dallas Cowboys will beat the Packers Tomorrow:

1. Aaron Rodgers Isn’t The Same in The Cold.

Bad news for Packers fans, the weather is supposed to be in the 20’s for the game tomorrow. Historically, Aaron Rodgers isn’t that good in the “cold." Throughout the six games Rodgers has played in the cold (21-40 degress F) Rodgers has completed a mere 60% of his passes through this span. The California native will have a tough time completing passes in the frigid temperatures.

2. The Packers Can’t Keep Up With The Cowboys Balanced Offense.

The Cowboys have the most versatile offense in the league. Green Bay’s linebackers will have a very hard time keeping up with the league’s best Running Back in DeMarco Murray. Murray coming off of an 1,800 yard season, should be able to shake off the Packer’s linebackers. But, to my point; balanced. If the running game doesn’t work, the Cowboys have MVP Candidate Tony Romo who has been on fire of late. Romo is used to playing in cold temperatures as he was born in Wisconsin. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Cowboys have the leagues best receiver in Dez Bryant. Put Dez up against the Packer’s weak secondary and THROW UP THE X!

3. Aaron Rodgers Calf.

Rodgers’ left calf will bother him in this game as this is the leg he will have to throw off of. If Rodgers’ is able to throw the ball effectively (Big “If" there) there’s no way he will be able to effectively scramble in the pocket. This will make for a one-dimensional quarterback play consisting of only throwing. One big hit on Rodgers could be season-ending for the Pack.


Cowboys 38, Packers 31

Both teams have very weak secondaries and very good quarterbacks which will lead to touchdown after touchdown. Dez Bryant will have at least two Touchdowns and the Cowboys will win in a shootout.

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