NFL Week 7 Preview

By TroyJenkins
Oct. 20, 2016

Fantasy Football Start Em’ Sit Em

Quarterback Start: Andy Dalton (vs. CLE), Matt Ryan (vs. SD), Marcus Mariota (vs. IND)

Quarterback Sit: Carson Wentz (vs. MIN), Russell Wilson (at ARI), Brock Osweiler (at DEN)

Running Back Start: Jeremy Hill (vs. CLE), LeGarrette Blount (at PIT), Tevin Coleman (vs. SD)

Running Back Sit: T.J. Yeldon (vs. OAK), Isiah Crowell (at CIN), Rashad Jennings (LA)

Wide Receiver Start: Randall Cobb (vs. CHI), Michael Thomas (at KC), Emmanuel Sanders (vs. HOU)

Wide Receive Sit: Sammie Coats (vs. NE), Willie Snead (at KC), DeAndre Hopkins (at DEN)

Tight End Start: Hunter Henry (at ATL), Kyle Rudolph (at PHI), Zach Miller (at GB)

Tight End Sit: Zach Ertz (vs. MIN), Gary Barnidge (at CIN), Coby Fleener (at KC)

Defense/ST Start: Bengals (vs. CLE), Giants (at LA)

Defense/ST Sit: Eagles (vs. MIN)

Week 7 Game Picks

Bears vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers has gone from the premier NFL quarterback to media punching bag over the last few weeks. Granted he hasn’t played up to his normal standards, but anything less looks horrible considering how great he is. The media should just pray he doesn’t catch fire soon. The Bears defense lacks much of a pass rush with little secondary help to boot. Rodgers could get it going tonight. Expect Chicago to hang around, but ultimately lose the game.

Giants vs. Rams: The NFL’s London games have become has pointless as Thursday night games that aren’t on Thanksgiving. The Rams are beginning to look like Jeff Fisher’s Rams as they have slipped back to .500 after two consecutive losses. Now they’ll have to fly across the pond for a game that takes place at 6:30 AM in Los Angeles. That doesn’t bode well. Also consider that Odell Beckham Jr. had a breakout game last week and could easily do it again as long as Eli doesn’t turn the ball over. Look for the Giants to win this one.

Saints vs. Chiefs: Give the Saints credit for sending the Panthers crashing down into last place of the NFC South, but what will they do against a defense that can actually do something against them? Add that to the fact that the Chiefs offense should have no trouble having their way with the Saints defense. KC wins this one.

Vikings vs Eagles: Sam Bradford makes his return to Philadelphia. Everyone is still waiting for him to throw a game away, but the Vikings defense has been so dominant that a struggling Bradford may not even matter. Dominant defense rookie QB usually spells a massacre. So I’ll lean that way and pick the Vikings to win.

Colts vs. Titans: If the Colts were a ship, they'd be half sunk at this point. Even with Andrew Luck doing everything he can, they’ll be running into an underrated Titans defense. To make matters worse, the Colts defense will have to try and contain the Titans running game. Frankly, they’re probably not capable. If the Titans can avoid silly turnovers they should win a close game over the Colts.

Bills vs. Dolphins: This seems like the perfect game for the Bills to lose. LeSean McCoy might be hampered by a hamstring injury. McCoy has been the offense for this team since their winning streak began. The Dolphins are coming off of a win against the Steelers without much from an injured Big Ben. So confidence should be up. Also, they may be able to find away to attack the Bills defense and find moderate success with quick throws to negate the blitz. In the end, I’ll ride with the hot team and pick the Bills.

Redskins vs. Lions: Speaking of confidence being up, Washington firmly believes they’re the team to beat in the NFC East. Pay no attention to the fact the Cowboys have already beaten them once this season and are still ahead of them in the standings. One thing that has helped the turnaround in Washington is the emergence of a sustainable running game. That takes the pressure off of Kirk Cousins and gets the defense some rest. The Lions haven’t really impressed thus far in the season, but they should be able to put up enough points. Problem is I don’t trust their defense to do enough to win.

Browns vs. Bengals: Yes the Browns stink and will lose this game. However, given the success of Cleveland’s other two teams, they can never complain about sports ever again.

Raiders vs. Jaguars: Upset alert. The Jaguars defense has begun to put it together while the Raiders defense just looks more and more flawed as the season goes on. Expect a shootout in North Florida, but I give the advantage to the Jags because their defense is more trustworthy.

Ravens vs. Jets: Jets fans don’t know if they should be happy or sad to see Geno Smith under center again. From one QB liability to another I suppose. To make matters worse, their struggling running attack will be going up against a defense that is one of the best against the run. Which means all of this will fall to Geno. You can walk the streets of New York all day, but you won’t find a Jets fan who trust him enough to win this game. Baltimore should take this one.

Chargers vs. Falcons: The league’s two top offense square off indoors in Atlanta. This should be fun. Over the last few weeks, Atlanta has slowly emerged as a legitimate team at this point of the season. They beat Denver on the road and probably should’ve beat Seattle on the road if not for some shoddy officiating in the end. Now they’re facing a defense with not much in the secondary. The Chargers found a way to close, but they have no answer for the Falcons offense this week. Philip Rivers will keep them in it but it won’t be enough. Falcons win a shootout at home.

Buccaneers vs. 49ers: Even Colin Kaepernick can’t save the 49ers at this point. I expect the Niners to try and mix in more read option plays on offense, but the Bucs linebackers are fast enough to get to the edge and cut those plays off. If Jameis Winston can avoid turnovers, Tampa should win.

Patriots vs. Steelers: I said it at the beginning of the season: the Steelers have the best offense in the league when available. The problem is they’re rarely in tact for a complete season. Now Ben Roethlisberger is out for 4-6 weeks. Bill Belichick and the Patriots should have no problem picking apart the Steelers.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals: The Seahawks have two major problems on defense. Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor are both banged up coming into this one. They’re literally the heart and soul of that defense. So expect a lot of David Johnson runs in the direction of Bennett if he decides to play. And to negate the Legion of Boom, look for Carson Palmer to get rid of the ball quickly. On the other side of the ball, the Cardinals defense will hamper the Seahawks and do just enough to secure the victory.

Texans vs. Broncos: Brock Osweiler is returning to Denver with a big target on his back. The Broncos have made it known that they want to deliver a beating to their former quarterback. But the Texans enter with a defense of their own that will likely beat down Trevor Siemian and limit his throwing options with their deep secondary. Expect a defense struggle for this game. This could really go in any direction, but the Broncos should be mad that they let the Falcons and Chargers beat them in consecutive weeks. Now here comes the guy who left them. I’ll side with the angrier team and pick the Broncos to win.