Tennessee Titans: What Went Wrong Week 5? 3 Improvements That Need to Be Made

By titans
Oct. 11, 2016

Despite a double point win on the road, the Tennessee Titans still have improvements that need to be made following a week 5 win. Sitting at 2-3, the Titans still have work to do if they want to try and make the postseason this year, the first time since 2008. Here are 3 areas of improvement that I think the Titans need to make:

Sloppy Tackling 

The Titans missed several tackles on the defensive side Sunday in Miami struggling mightily in two specific scenarios. The first came on screen pass to running back Damien Williams that set up the Dolphins second touchdown. On the play, two Titans defenders over commit to tackling Williams and thus, run into each other and allow Williams to sprint down the side line for a 58 yard catch and run. The second case of especially bad tackling came on a long 50 yard pass to Devonte Parker. Jason McCourty was shook off by the young receiver down the sideline. 

The Titans need to clean up the simple mindless mistakes. There's no reason a backup running back should get away from two defenders. The mental errors are decreasing noticeably but they are still there.

Special Teams

This could go under the same category as the sloppy tackling as the Titans punt coverage unit got exposed on a 74 yard punt return by Jakeem Grant. This return marks the second week in a row that the Titans have given up a punt return for a touchdown as they gave up one to the Texans last week.The Titans have been struggling all season in the special teams department going as far to fire former special teams coach Bobby April this past Monday after a poor first four games.

It wasn't just on the punt and kickoff coverage teams that the Titans struggled as the kicking game was lacking. Ryan Succop had a 40 yard field goal and an extra point blocked. Thankfully neither of these missed opportunities came back to bite the Titans but it's clear that the blocking needs to be cleaned up as well this week in practice.

Hold On To The Momentum 

Although this may be a confusing improvement, it's something the Titans vitally need to do. After their first win of the season, the Titans came out flat the game after against the Raiders and fell behind early and weren't able to rally late losing by seven.

Now the Titans have played and won their first complete game of the season and the best way to build off this performance is by doing it again next week in front of the home crowd. The Titans have won TWO games at home in the last two years, both coming against the Jaguars. The last time the Titans beat a team not the Jaguars at home was December 29th, 2013 in the final game of the season against the Houston Texans in a 16-10 win.

Come on guys, the Cleveland Browns are 0-5 and have no idea what's going on at quarterback. Let's win this one.


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