CFB Top Five Rankings

By trelyday03
Nov. 01, 2016

On Tuesday the first College Football Playoff rankings will be released, and the real fun begins. My team Georgia is out of it, so I’m going to dwell on that emotional pain for another couple of weeks. Ever since college football started the playoff system, the AP rankings have been somewhat irrelevant, at least to me they have. The top four is all that matters now, so in preparation for the first ranking I’ll give you my top five teams just because five sounds better than four.

Before I start though, I want to point out that Wisconsin is, oh so very much alive in the playoff hunt, because they reside in the B1G West, and if Nebraska were to take another loss Wisconsin get’s in the title game, and I’m definitely rooting for that outcome.

#5: Louisville

Louisville narrowly escaped Virginia last week, but that’s the nature of college football. There’s always that one road game, where you’re supposed to blow the opposing team out, but they end up giving you some trouble. Louisville came in as heavy favorites against 2-5 Virginia, and it took a game winning touchdown pass with 13 seconds left to get the victory. The only blemish on Louisville's schedule was their instant classic on the road in Clemson. They should run the table, and finish the season with only one loss, because they don’t play anyone of significance the rest of the way. They have to go to Houston in a few weeks, but the way they’ve struggled it doesn’t hold the hype it did at the beginning of the season. Nonetheless they can’t overlook the Cougars who did knock off Oklahoma week one.

#4: Clemson

Clemson beat Florida State last week, and if you watched the post game presser then you would know Jimbo Fisher wasn’t happy about the officiating at all. Mostly the illegal block below the waist call they got when Dalvin Cook broke off a long run. Even so FSU still had a shot at the end, but Clemson ultimately prevailed. Clemson has had a bad habit of scaring their fans before playing up to their potential. They should have lost to NC State if not for two missed field goals, one of them being the game winner at the end of regulation. Lucky for Clemson they don’t have another tough opponent left in their schedule. The ACC Title game will decide their playoff fate.

#3: Washington

Chris Peterson is doing his thing again. This time in the great northwest, where he has the Huskies playing meaningful games late in the season for the first time in basically a decade. The greatest strength they have in their front four. They almost never have to blitz to get sacks. They put the beat down on Stanford and effectively shut down Christian McCaffrey, and they just beat a very good Utah team in Utah. Not to mention they finally beat Oregon for the first time in almost my entire lifetime. They’re undefeated right now, and I can’t see any really see them losing another game. They have a sneaky tough game at Cal this week, USC the week after and as always the rivalry game against 25th ranked WASU at the end of the season. They’re a lock for the playoffs if they stay the course.

#2: Michigan

Well next to Alabama, Michigan is as good as it gets. They’re so good that even when they try to not score, they end up scoring anyway. Led by Heisman candidate Jabrill Peppers who can do it all, this Michigan team is primed to finish the regular season undefeated, and I’m praying for another match up with Wisconsin in the B1G title game, because that was just fantastic the first time around. The only team that really stands in Michigan’s way is Ohio State, and the way they’re playing, I’m not sure you can call it standing in their way. Granted rivalry games bring the best out in everyone so I expect a tightly contested ball game. Michigan might still be a lock even if they were to lose to Ohio State, but win the B1G championship.

#1: Alabama

Clear cut number one. This isn’t even up for debate, I can’t even make a case for another team to be number one, and I would nothing more than to make that case. They’ve run through everyone they’ve played. Alabama is such a ruthless team that my +18 bet on Texas A&M a couple weeks ago was thwarted by Alabama when they won by 19. You can imagine how my dislike for them may have grown. They still have to go to LSU, and play the Iron Bowl, and I’ve seen stranger things (see what I did there) happen.