By Tynise Jones
Jun. 26, 2013

As the old saying goes, "More money more problems". Well in 23 year old Aaron Hernandez case many problems have knocked at his door before he even had an substantial amount of money. In college he admitted to failing multiple drug test, and in 2007 he was questioned by police about a shooting at a night club, but was not prosecuted. February 10, 2013 he allegedly shot Alexander Bradley, 30,  in the face causing him to lose his right eye. A few months after that, June 17, 2013 he became a suspect in the murder case of Odin L. Lloyd, 27, whose body was found in an industrial park one mile away from Hernandez home. Not sure if Hernandez had a rough childhood growing up, but it's surely not an excuse for these horrendous actions of his. How he even made it through the doors of Radio City Music Hall in New York during the 2010 draft is questionable.  

Today, approximately at 8:47 a.m Hernandez was arrested by police and driven to North Attleborough police department. Just, two hours after his arrest the New England Patriots released Aaron Hernandez. The fact that it took such little time for the Patriots to release Hernandez after his arrest speaks volume; they must know something the media is obviously clueless about. 

Hernandez home and its surroundings in Massachusetts has been searched by police for the past several days while he stayed secluded in his home near the Patriots training facility. Tuesday afternoon he was visited by his lawyer, James Sultan. The paper work was put on the table, hours later North Attleborough police put Hernandez in hand cuffs, then off to the station they went. 

Good luck New England Patriots in your search with finding a new tight end that will match up to Hernandez standards. Not necessarily his personal or misfit standards, but more of so his athletic capabilities. As for Aaron Hernandez, you can kiss that $40 million extension goodbye.