By Tynise Jones
Jun. 24, 2013

They say change is good. Well, lets hope it's good for the most enthusiastic coach on the basketball court, Doc Rivers. Rivers has spent the last 9 seasons with the Boston Celtics, however he decided to venture off to the L.A Clippers. The Clippers offered him a 3 year, $21 million contract. Lets hope this contract is worth Boston Celtics fans booing Rivers in the stands. Although, Rivers was not an actual player on the court for the 9 seasons he was there, he was an phenomenal coach that met a great deal to the fans. Just imagine how Celtic fans may feel with their number one coach gone, and with the possibility of their two star players leaving, Paul Pierce (Small Forward) and Kevin Garnett (Power Forward/Center). The Celtics have a major decision to make with Pierce. They either have to buy him out for $5 million before the next season or the Cleveland Cavaliers may sweep him up for an even bigger/better buy. However, they do plan to keep him around through his $15 million salary, but they must think fast. As for Kevin Garnett, he plans to leave on the count of his other half on the court Paul Pierce leaving; sounds like he's trying to find an easy way out. These Celtics fans are going to have a field day with these two phenomenal players and coach off the bench indefinitely. We all remember the Lebron James mayhem three years ago when he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers; that was not a pretty sight, and in the year of 2013 it still isn't. 

We shall see what's in store for the Boston Celtics soon folks.

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