Hello From the Other Side

By Tynise Jones
Mar. 22, 2016

It truly is a thin line between love and hate. For instance, one night you could go to sleep rocking the burgundy and gold, then the next morning you could find yourself reciting "Deep in the Heart of Texas."  

Former Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris could probably find some sort of relation to this situation. 

Early Tuesday morning Alfred Morris agreed to sign a two year deal with the Dallas Cowboys worth over 5.5 million, including 2 million guaranteed. 

"I'm excited," Alfred Morris tells CBS Sports. "I feel like this was the best place to help the team that will launch me forward within my career. Everyone who plays this game wants to win a Super Bowl, and I feel like they have a lot of pieces here among other things to get us to that point."

Morris stole all of Washington's heart when selected in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL draft. In his first three years combined, he rushed for more yards (3,962) than any back in the NFL except for Seattle's Marshawn Lynch. 

So why give all of that up Washington? Why not put up a fight to sign him back after free agency? Is it because Morris had one bad season due to a poor offensive rushing scheme?  Or, is it because you're willing to start a second year rookie who only rushed for 490 yards in a single season over someone who has the most carries in the NFL over the last four seasons with 1,078.

This past season, Morris finished with 806 yards overall and one touchdown. He averaged career lows in yards per carry (3.7) and yards after (1.45). However, one bad season shouldn't cause for the fat lady to sing; should it? 

"It's going to be a weird process going from one rivalry to the next," Alfred Morris tells CBS Sports. "It's going to be interesting. Only time will tell how this thing will shake out."

Maybe it's a good thing Alfred Morris joined forces with the dark side. When the Cowboys and Redskins meet up again in the 2016 season it shall be one heck of a show.