By Tynise Jones
Jun. 28, 2013

No more green and white leprechaun colors next season for Paul Pierce, 35, Kevin Garnett, 37, and Jason Terry, 35. They're going to be sporting something a little more closer to home; more of so in the gray area. The Brooklyn Nets have agreed to send their three first-round picks during the 2014, 2016, and 2018 draft over to the Celtics in trade for these fresh, young men.  The Nets are willing to trade Kris Humphries, 28, Gerald Wallace, 30, Kris Joseph, 24, MarShon Brooks, 24, and Keith Bogans, 33. Not saying that this was a very bold move, but this was a very bold move. These men that are being traded are very young, and have many years to come to build themselves up to become one of the best. Give or take Paul Pierce  and Jason Terry may have a good two or three years left, while Kevin Garnett has about one. However, they are teaming up with a young starting crew, Deron Williams, 29, Joe Johnson, 31, and Brook Lopez, 25. Maybe this will help soften the punch of the so called "has been" theory between the former Celtics.