Despite Last Night's deflating loss Dallas will learn from it and be a better team for it

By TXSportsLounge
Feb. 08, 2017

Last night as all Mavs fans witnessed was very deflating. The Dallas Mavericks fought there rear ends off to get back in the game instead of throwing in the towel and calling it a game. The Mavericks turn what could of been a demoralization into one of the best Mavs games in recent memory despite the ending.

The Dallas Mavericks last night trailed by as much as 16 points in the game fought back hard to eventually go up on Three Dirk Free Throws 89-88 in the fourth QT. But then Portland goes on a massive 13-0 run to go back in front 100-88. Then as the story line goes the Dallas Mavericks were lifted into another big run which was a 13-0 run of there own to go back in front 101-100. Then from there it was just legendary shot after legendary shot. 

This was the most notable with about 11 seconds to go the Dallas Mavericks drive down the court looking to either tie or take the lead late in the game and the ball found the go to man Dirk Nowitzki. He knocked it down to go out in front 113-112 and Mavs nation rips the roof open only to find a few seconds later the Mavericks would fall in the closing moment to CJ's buzzer beater.

It's a difficult loss for Dallas but the resiliency they showed in this game was no mistake. If the Dallas Mavericks can continue to fight like this results will show. It may not have ended the way we wanted last night but man it was nice to see another Vintage Dirk Moment! Make No mistake last night was difficult and gut punching but let me realistic the Mavericks are going to learn from this and go back out and continue to compete at a high level regardless of who is on the team and last night was a testament to the team and that they will own up to the idea of the a similar theory which the Rangers use which is to Never Ever Quit! So sit back and enjoy the Mavs got work to do and they need our support! GO MAVS!

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