Week 9 NFC Power Rankings

By DwayneBivens
Nov. 02, 2016

1. Dallas Cowboys 6-1 @ Cleveland

The Boys are looking good and are currently playing the best football in the NFC. Dak and Zeke are balling and the defense is much better than expected.

2. Atlanta Falcons 5-3 @ Tampa

The Falcons offense is impressive and Matty Ice is looking like a potential MVP. The defense has to get better because they cant continue to outscore opponents every week.

3. Seattle Seahawks 4-2-1 vs Buffalo

Seattle took a tough lost in New Orleans but it has always been a tough place to play and Drew Brees always gives them trouble. Still waiting on Russell Wilson to explode and take this offesnse to the next level.

4. Green Bay Packers 4-3 vs Indianapolis

The Packers keep showing signs of being good and signs of being average. They need to put it all together and maybe signing Ray Rice is the temporary answer at running back.

5.  Philadelphia Eagles 4-3 @ Giants

The Eagles are a playoff team, it will have to be via the wild-card but if you get in anything can happen. Carson Wentz is good enough to get them to the playoffs but isn't good enough with the weapons around him to win a Super Bowl.

6. New York Giants 4-3 vs Philadelphia

Can they get enough offense each week to beat the better teams in football? That is the only question for the Giants because the defense seems legit enough to at least keep them in games.

7. Minnesota Vikings 5-2 vs Detroit

It seems that the injuries on offense have finally caught up with the Viks. They can't run the football and Sam Bradford isn't good enough to win games by himself even with a Super Bowl caliber defense.

8. Washington DC 4-3-1 Bye

They just can't get out of their own way. Each week they look themselves in the mirror and say what can we do to not win this week? They have to get better in the redzone and score 6 instead of 3 or 0.

9. New Orleans Saints 3-4 vs San Francisco

What if Drew Brees had a defense? That would be scary because it really doesn't matter who he has to throw the ball to because he puts up numbers regardless but he knows he has to score 25+ to win and the pressure is too much at times.

10. Arizona Cardinals 3-4-1 Bye

This is veteran team that should be looking to get back to conference championship but now find themselves just trying to make the playoffs. The inconsistency of a veteran team is nerve racking and disappointing.

11. Detroit Lions 4-4 @ Minnesota

They are in the mix in the division and a win this week will definitely help the cause. The offense has to get some consistence and always it starts with getting a running game.

12. Carolina Panthers 2-5 @ Los Angles

Besides Cam Newton not getting flags in his favor the Panthers need their defense to just be good. It doesn't have to be great or elite but just good. The offense is built to play in shootouts its a ground and pound grind it out offense.

13. Los Angles Rams 3-4 vs Carolina

The Rams could be on the verge of another losing season and the biggest question is why did they draft Goff first overall if they aren't going to play him?

14. Chicago Bears 2-6 Bye

Jay Cutler and the Bears offense was impressive Monday night against the Vikings and should be applauded for the performance but now they have to build on it and stay consistent.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-4 vs Atlanta

The Buccs running back situation continues to change and as expected the defense is amongst the worse in the league. They went on a run late last season to get in the wild card mix maybe another run is on the horizon.

16. San Francisco 49ers 1-6 vs New Orleans

Chip Kelly is supposed to be an offensive genius but they have the worse offense in the league statistically. Kelly's days in northern Cali may be numbered because San Fan hasn't been very competitive this season.



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