3 things to takeaway from today's heartbreaker

By Dawgfan10
Oct. 02, 2016

UGA lost a heartbreaker against Tennessee 34-31 in the final seconds on a GW Hail Mary. After UGA QB Jacob Eason threw a 47 yard bomb to Riley Ridley in the end zone to take the lead, Tennessee QB Josh Dobbs answered with a 43 yard prayer to Jauan Jennings in the end zone to keep their record undefeated.  The Dawgs lost a straight up heartbreaker and here are 3 things to take away from it. 

1. STOP WITH THE PENALTIES!!!- UGA had a very valid reason to win this game today and they would have if it weren't for all the penalties. We had 8 penalties for 44 yds while Tennessee had 2 for 25 yds. The Illegal Formation penalty cost Georgia 5 yards as well as a 35 second run off.  Secondly, Easons touchdown to Ridley late in the game, there was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the whole team over-celabrating.  Then, with 10 seconds left on the game clock, UGA went offside on a kickoff which is one of the most routine plays in the game. Those 2 penalties in the last 15 seconds ended up being the death of us.

2. We have to sack the QB-  In the past 2 weeks, UGA has not been able to bring down the QB.  Last week it was Chad Kelly for Ole Miss who we couldn't get down, and this week it was Josh Dobbs.  In both weeks, are pass rushers were able to get by the O-Line but couldn't finish.  Dobbs scrambled for positive yardage 8 or 9 times today when he should have been sacked.  UGA has to be able to get those QB's on the ground.  I do blame that to our lack of talent on the defensive line and linebackers.  While we do have very talented former 4, and 5 star recruits, these guys haven't developed yet into stars because they are all freshman, and sophomores. 

3. 2017 looks very bright- As pessimistic as it is to look ahead to next year, there is a reason to do so.  UGA has shown in the past 2 weeks that the underclassmen can play.  On offense, you look at QB Jacob Eason coming back with a year under his belt, along with what looks like both Nick Chubb, and Sony Michel, along with Brian Herrien.  For the WR's Terry Godwin will be a JR, along with Isaiah McKenzie being a SR, and underclassmen Riley Ridley, and Isaac Nauta will be sophomores. The toughest task will be to rebuild that line, as they lose 3 starters next year.  RT Ben Cleveland has looked like a viable option, along with  RG Dyshon Sims for becoming replacements, and now they just need a LT to replace Tyler Catalina next year.   On defense, it looks like they will only lose secondary players Maurice Smith, and Quincy Mauger, and they will be replaced by underclassmen Deandre Baker, and Mecole Hardman Jr. next year.  While lots of players for UGA are staying, we also have lots of very talented recruits coming in next year.  Top 5 recruit Robert Beal has committed along with 4 star RB's D'Andre Swift, and Toneil Carter.  4 star WR Mark Webb has also committed to UGA. 

Going forward, the odds are UGA won't make it Atlanta this year, but it is a possibility.  If we win out this year and Tennessee loses 3 games, then we are automatically in.  Tennessee has a very good chance to lose 2 games to #1 Alabama, and #10 Texas A&M.  After that they are playing all SEC East teams and there best chance is that Missouri beats them in Knoxville.  The chances look slim but anything could happen.  If they don't happen, we all know that 2017 will be a brighter year. 

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