AFC vs NFC - Pro Bowl 2019 Live Stream Online Free Full Show

By Jacob Smiths
Jan. 23, 2019

As Tom Brady and Jared Goff prepare for Super Bowl 53, which will define the fate of the Vince Lombardi trophy, we should ease the stress as we have some fun with our favorite AFC and NFC stars.

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However, the wins by Brady and Goff created a slight problem for the Pro Bowl as both quarterbacks were part of the roster to represent their respective conferences. Although, on Monday, the name of the quarterbacks who will substitute Goff and Brady was announced. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs will start for the AFC and Drew Brees of the Saints for NFC. Both of these quarterbacks lost to Brady and Goff respectively.

On the part of the NFC will arrive Mitchell Trubisky, of the Chicago Bears, and on the side of the American Conference the chosen one is Deshaun Watson, of the Houston Texans. Both quarterbacks took their teams to the postseason, where the two franchises were outscored in the Game by the Wild Card, against the Eagles and Colts.

In addition, it has been reported that Anthony Lynn, of the Chargers, and Jason Garrett, of the Cowboys, will be the head coaches in charge of directing the representatives of each conferences.

Finally, Calais Campbell will supply JJ Watt, who is dismissed due to injury and will not have the opportunity to share the grid with his brother TJ, linebacker of the Steelers. Also, Kawaan Short will take the place of Aaron Donald. Still missing is the replacement of Todd Gurley, Cory Littleton and Stephon Gilmore.

It is important to note that there will be a Pro Bowl Skills Showdown on Thursday before the Pro Bowl 2019.

Three days after the controversial Championship Games, in which the protagonists were the referees, the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, joked about it and said he "loves" the NFL officials.

In an interview with Michael Strahan on the Good Morning America program , the former Giants defensive end - who beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl - had a talk with Kraft, who this week celebrated 25 years of having acquired the Most dominant franchise in the league since 2001.

-I want to talk to you about the interference in the NFC Championship. And, as one of the leading owners in the NFL, what do you think the league must do to keep this from happening again?

"That's a good question. But first of all, we still lack a game, so I love the referees , "Kraft said, unleashing Strahan's laugh.

Within the final two minutes of regular time, the only thing the New Orleans Saints needed was a first and ten to settle the game against Los Angeles Rams. But in third down the officials did not punish cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman, who overwhelmed catcher Tommylee Lewis , in flagrant pass interference.

New Orleans had to settle for a field goal, the Rams tied and eventually won in overtime.

" In life I have learned that things happen and that nothing is perfect. There are no excuses. You have to do the best you can to make things happen, "Kraft answered in a more serious tone. "We have human errors sometimes, but we have to move forward. It is unfortunate. We have to be diligent to do it correctly. "

He then spoke of the AFC Championship game, which also had its controversial calls, particularly that rudeness to the passer against the Kansas City Chiefs defense, which gave the Patriots a first key down in the second half of the game.

"In fact, they do a good job. In our game in Kansas City there were a number of controversial decisions and [referees] took all of them well. They have a very complicated job, "he said.

He also referred to the laser with which apparently an amateur tried to distract Tom Brady.

" When I hear the word 'laser', I think of Tommy and his eyes," Kraft said. "And on that last offense we had three third downs and 10 yards to go and he was right as a laser. Whatever it was, I think it was a positive thing for us, but I think as part of the security check [before entering the stadiums] they must make sure that those things do not happen".

- Tell us something that is not known about Tom Brady.

"Well, what impresses me the most is that he's the same guy he was when he left Michigan... He's the kindest, genuine person, he's the same person today as when he was fourth in the depth chart in 2000. When my wife died , almost eight years ago, he was there with me in a way that only my children could. And he cares and connects with you. And I think he can do that in the field, even with boys who are half his age. And they see how hard he works and how he does it and how genuine it is. And he always puts the team first and I think that is contagious."

The Patriots prepare preparations to travel to Atlanta and play their third consecutive Super Bowl and tenth in the Kraft era, this time against Los Angeles Rams.

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