Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints Live Stream MNF Week 1

By Jacob Smiths
Sep. 11, 2017

The team will begin the season by facing the Saints and will make three starters in their draft pick. Dalvin Cook the banner.

The Minnesota Vikings have decided that three of their picks in the past draft start the season as starters against the New Orleans Saints. The data is curious in itself, but it is even more strange if we consider that the Vikings had no choice of first round. Dalvin Cook must be one of the most important players in the squad from day one.

The Vikings seem to have found oil in their first four rounds of the NFL draft. Dalvin Cook, chosen in the second round, Pat Elflein in 3rd and Ben Gedeon in 4th, will be starting in next Monday's match against the Saints.

Dalvin Cook, the heir of Adrian Peterson

In the running position the Vikings had a very busy summer with Matt Asiata casualties and above all with the farewell of one of the greatest ever for the Vikings, Adrian Peterson. The team decided to sign Latavius ​​Murray in the free agency and shoot his first draft shot to take on Dalvin Cook, one of the most complete runners to have reached the NFL in recent years.

The offensive line can not get any worse

The Vikings' OL was disastrous last season . For this reason, the team has decided to do a thorough renovation of the unit and decided to use their third-round pick at Center Pat Elflein, who has earned the title with good performances during the preseason. The player who was called to fight the position, Nick Easton, will be in charge of occupying the position of Guard to the left. little while these two players perform, will see an improvement over last year, something that both Cook and Sam Bradford will appreciate.

The defense is fully assembled

The front seven of the Vikings is a perfectly greased machine. So it's no wonder they do not hesitate to put their fourth round rookie, Ben Gedeon, alongside two cracks like Erick Kendricks and Anthony Barr to form the linebacker lineup. Gedeon is a very fast player, so we will see him lend a helping hand to the secondary while the others cover the middle.

The Minnesota defense has very little to prove, yet their attack must take a step forward not to lose the window of opportunity that their best defensive players give them in the coming seasons . I am sure that if Dalvin Cook proves to be as good as it looks, the Vikings will make an effort to improve the potential of their OL and will be a very dangerous team in the next few years. At the moment young people pour in for the new season.

The New Orleans team has found that their starting cornerback, who was looking for a transfer, was more injured than it appeared.

Delvin Breaux, cornerback of the New Orleans Saints, will miss four to six weeks of competition after surgery for a fractured fibula. This news, in the middle of the NFL training grounds, is not very special because there are numerous players who fall injured and have to operate as well as spend some time without playing.

What makes this case special is that it has disrupted the plans of the team and has led to a mini-medical crisis in the franchise, because it turns out that no one had seen the severity of the injury until they have tried to transfer the player.

Delvin Breaux played six games last year for the Saints. When he is healthy, which is not often, his role is that of cornerback holder. Or, at least, one of the candidates for that position. He has talent, as demonstrated in his rookie year. The problem is that, after passing the 2016 with so little impact in the game, began the training fields with what was understood was a blow to the leg that did not seem to be gravity.

The rumors that left the team is that, tired of seeing how they could not count on him, they wanted to go through and listen to offers.

Well, in the midst of this process of finding accommodation, they perform physical tests of new and discover a fissure in the fibula, which was what was really inactive. The subsequent operation and the long month that will be in the dry dock make it impracticable to transfer.

The consequences of size error have been the dismissal of two of the doctors of the Saints. In particular two orthopedists, Deryk Jones and Misty Suri, who failed in their diagnosis.

The Saints preseason is getting pretty freaky. They are one of the teams that is suffering the most from injuries. Even before the start of July training had already lost Nick Fairley, who is sure to retire for physical problems, and Terron Armstead, the left tackle holder, who will miss at least the first six games of the season. Now they suffer this step back with Breaux, who can not pass through and who will not be in the field to help them, and also have to blame themselves and their medical services for the mistake.