NFL Fantasy 2017: Seattle Seahawks

By Jacob Smiths
Aug. 29, 2017

The Seahawks are a very interesting team for fantasy. Russell Wilson is a machine and does good to others. I look forward to the best Jimmy Graham.

The Seattle Seahawks face the season with the hot favorite in their division and one of the cock of the conference. Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and every year goes to more . His body of receivers is not too good, beyond Baldwin, but he always pulls them juice. In the backfield they have decided to bet on Eddie Lacy a player with enormous potential , but that the problems to stay healthy and fit make him a constant danger. They say that Jimmy Graham is at his best since arriving in Seattle will see if he wakes up, because with him this attack goes up a lot his level.

Russell Wilson ****

Quarterback 1 - It's a machine. It has everything to be a great QB in fantasy: good arm, good vision, a great ability to run with the ball ... but it lacks the essential: Receptions. Doug Baldwin is his only efficient reference. If he manages to have Jimmy Graham in the Saints he will have much more value. It's a QB book one and hoped to finish it in the top 5 - 6 of fantasy this year. An intermediate round (5-7) would be a good value for him.

Eddie Lacy ***

Running back 3 - Eddie Lacy will be a personal bet on many fantasy GMs this year. He is the successor of Marshawn Lynch for physical and ability to gain yards after being tackled . All that will happen if you are healthy and in shape and that is a lot to say. It really has the potential to finish in the top 5 - 6 of fantasy if it is able to play at least 10 -12 games at the highest level , but that is not often. My position for him would be for RB 3, but I understand that someone looks to risk him as his second runner if he already has a good WR group. Thomas Rawls will also have a heavy weight in this attack (not as much as Lacy, ha ha) and can be a very player to keep in mind, especially if Lacy falls into their problems.

Doug Baldwin ***

Wide receiver 2 - Doug Baldwin can make you win the fantasy from the WR 2 position . It is very good and it is only in the oasis of WRs that are the Seahawks. His connection with Wilson is very good and he is also in contract year, which always adds up to fantasy even if they say no . It will come in the second round of your draft, yes or no, do not hesitate to choose it as a super complement to your star

Jimmy Graham ****

Tight end 1 - The eternal promise. Jimmy Graham is the only TE I've seen discussing fantasy number 1 for Gronko in the NFL. It's a WR in the TE body. It's that simple. His physical superiority makes him win most of the one-on-one . With Wilson has had sparks of good connection, I think this year will play a good role and will finish between the 3 or 4 best TE of fantasy. To choose him in fifth or sixth round would be very positive for your team, but I have seen him leave in fourth. The risk is worth it.